What is Yoga’Bells?

Yoga’Bells is like taking a mini yoga-spa vacation from everyday stress — with each lift of the weight(s), your focus is on the present moment, on both the body’s physical muscles and inner body. And later, when your body rests, you’ll be building/retaining muscle and increasing your metabolism.

Helen Marien Lee, Yoga’Bells creator


Yoga’Bells by Helen Marien Lee combines 5 Tibetans yoga with strength building exercises to improve focus with physical movement, body awareness, and muscle strength which is scientifically proven to increase muscle mass and metabolism, even while the body’s at rest (see recent NYTimes article here).

Yoga’Bells was specifically designed and created by Helen Marien Lee to deliver long-lasting results in the most efficient amount of time.

Yoga’Bells delivers the results of Pilates — without the use of pilates equipment — and can be personalized so it is safe and effective for children of all ages.


Science tells us that after the age of 25, we lose up to 5 pounds of muscle a year so Helen’s designed a new periodization exercise program called Yoga’Bells to efficiently gain muscle while simultaneously increasing awareness on the inner body. Yoga’Bells — a 9 year-long endeavor to develop —  combines strength-training and the 5 Tibetans yoga in order to help people boost resting metabolism using weight training and muscle gain while being aware of the inner body and bodily alignment. Helen’s created modifications for every age group and body type so that everyone may benefit.

By targeting certain muscle groups and combining strength-training/lifting weights with the 5 Tibetans yoga, you can retain and build new muscle — at any age — on the outside to boost our resting metabolism (burning calories while at rest), restore our bodies’ “natural muscle girdle”, and improve our inner body alignment  as well as self-awareness and confidence. By focusing on the the body’s various inner alignment center, you can increase your awareness as well as your human potential.

Helen offers one-on-one Yoga’Bell sessions (flexibility/stretching/strength-training, the 5 Tibetans yoga) in 50 minute increments. Clients agree to adhere to Yoga’Bells 2- 3 times/week, along with cardiovascular training on their own twice/week, while keeping a nutrient journal and self-monitoring their daily actions.


Improve your posture, inner-alignment, muscle strength, metabolism, and self-confidence.

Invest in yourself and your ability to focus, feel centered, and build endurance along with the awareness of your breath.

Experience increased range of motion and vitality which also contributes towards prosperity.



Helen Marien Lee’s Credentials:

Fitness Consultant in strength building, post-rehabilitation, and pre- and post-natal exercise specialist since 1998 to children of all ages from 7 to 90.

Top trainer at NYC’s Crunch Gyms and to top-level executives and artists around the U.S. and beyond.

Daily practitioner of the 5 Tibetans for over 9 years.

Currently certified with National Academy of Sports Medicine and in CPR/AED and First Aid.

Designed exercise programs and home gyms, as well as consulted to luxury apartment building gyms, such as NYC’s The Boulevard, and even advised the building’s co-op board on fitness equipment investments for their gym.

Athlete and dancer for over 38 years.

Taught group exercise classes around the world.

High carbohydrate, low fat whole-food-based, gluten-free raw vegan.

A businesswoman, philanthropist, artist, and has received certification from Harvard Business School Executive Education.

Teacher’s teacher of meditation at New York’s Locust Valley Bikram Yoga Studio.

Affiliated with Kria Yoga.

49 years young!


Helen is attentive, playful, and respectful. She is grounded in the moment and responsive to needs as they arise. Helen is that rare individual who is wholly committed to bringing her best to every person and every situation. She brings far more to the job than her skills or qualifications will attest. — Lisa E.

Helen is like Drano – she will unclog your brain and allow you to flow. — Beth E.

She treats children with respect, recognizes their intelligence. She maximizes their talents. — Jill A.


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