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Day 137: Hana and Kahului

Hana with A.R.
A young boy who kept staring at me so I drew him and became friends with his family…(see his sister’s illustrations below)
Magnesium Bracelet for J.A.
On the way to Hana with A.H.
A.K. the wonder watchdog.
Iao Valley
Iao Valley
Illustrations by a young girl…
Sterling Silver Thinnest And Strongest Thin Hoop Earrings in Extra Dainty for A.R.
Artbook #11
Paia Bay Coffee Performer

Artbook #10

Thank you to Lita who posed for this Artbook cover and to Imei who helped inspire the feminine vision ..

Artbook #10

6H x 4W Inches

3 Prints/12 Pages

One-of-a-kind Booklet


Now available here and in the Art Shop…

Day 111: Kahului and Paia

L., a native Hawaiian (and of royal lineage) posed for me so I could photograph and the illustrate a “Hawaiian woman”. This “Hawaiian woman” became an amalgamation of two women I know here on the island: L. who is part of gym management, an accomplished hula dancer, a ukulele player, and wife…and Imei, a young woman who loves music, has worked in the music industry and works at Paia Bay Coffee and Bar, a single mother of a five-year-old daughter. Both are strikingly beautiful and dignified in their own way.

I love the feeling of art, sculpture, and statues…and sometimes I feel drawn to places just for their Buddha statues. Thank you to the Kahalui Soulasana group and host K. And A. for their lovely open-mic night.
Artbook #10’s cover…
Paia Beach

Maui Humane Society