How to keep your hoop earrings secure…

Recently, I was asked how to keep these Helenbobelen Thinnest And Strongest Thin Gold Hoop Earrings secure:

  1. Take a look at the other earring backs in your possession…sterling silver and gold are recyclable…one might fit the top of the hoop earring.
  2. You can purchase the rubber/plastic/silicone earring backs; I’ll include them with every earrings purchase(pictured above). You can also use a pencil eraser or a thick piece of rubber band.
  3. You can wear your hoop earrings as “droplets” with the Freedom Hoop Earrings Components.
  4. You can do your best to “re-adjust” the fitting at the top of the hoop earring to be tighter.
  5. And yes, since I’m a one-woman-show here, I can create a single earring.