How do you know if you’re in a state of surrender?

How do you know if this reality, that which Hindus call “maya”, is indeed all a dream?

How do you know what ascension/liberation/enlightenment/samadhi mean?

Well, if you know your body, and your body knows what ascension/liberation/enlightenment/samadhi mean, then your mind will finally understand what it means.

On a human-experiential level, there’s something of an inner sensation, if you will, a relaxation and expansion of a specific area of the lower abdominal region, about two finger widths below the belly button.

And why should one be concerned just with this spiritual jargon of the “hara”, or “tanden” (Japanese translation), and/or “dantien” (Chinese translation)…this spiritual concept?

Well, for most Advaitists/Non-Dualists/Christian Scientists, this “hara” could serve as the last concept that removes all other concepts from the mind.

Advaitist/mystic Eckhart Tolle in The Power of Now has somewhat described the hara’s relaxation/expansion as “dropping of suitcases”.

For those who don’t understand the above paragraph (afterall, how many Advaitists are there in your average 7-11 convenience store, anyways?) The hara’s relaxation/expansion can do many useful things for the human body, including:

  1. Cease repetitive thought. Find and apply long-term solutions quicker and easier.

2) Increase immunity. Reverse aging.

3) Increase energy levels.

4) Reverse emotions back to “neutral”, reverse potentially-dangerous situations, not-to-mention, weirdly, move objects at a distance.

5) Save the planet by increasing a sense of wellness and brother/sisterhood…as well as upon death, helping humans to easily transition themselves into the souls through “instant death-soul body recognition”.

We’ll talk about this and more in more blogposts, as this conversation topic has repetitively come up in Austin and Maui on various levels as people have asked me about my 2016 Near Death Experience and my meditation experiences during the previous decade. Using the spiritual concept of “surrender” and the hara, this Helenbobelen has healed herself of various medical conditions for as long as she can remember.

These posts are in no way substitutes for medical advice and you should consult with a medical professional. (This is my medical disclaimer, although I do firmly believe you should become the expert of your own physical body.)