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Food Choices Can Affect Your Breath

Food choices can affect your breath.

Let’s think about this…

We need to breathe to stay alive.

Exercise can certainly help breathing but food choices are 70 percent of the equation.

Native Hawaiians back in the day grew to be up to 9 feet tall, all had full head of dark hair, beautiful, spot-free skin, were slim and well-built.

What did they eat? Taro/poi (grain-free), fish (mercury-free), seaweed, vegetables, and fruit.

The ancient Daoists practiced Bigu which was also grain-free (and animal-products-free). Not to disregard the current Blue Zones information where people live to 100, there are ancient recorded stories of people living in Asia for at least two centuries and much longer.

From my research, the overarching theme is to keep the intestines clean and bacteria-free which is a natural effect from being corn-free, oat-free, rice-free, barley-free, wheat-free, sugar(s)-free…all which the ancient texts say affect the embryonic lower belly (hara) breath with which we were all born, and which children hold for some time.

Having a loose embryonic hara creates an energy surge up the spine into the pineal gland which is what spiritual teachers consider to be enlightenment…therefore clarity of mind’s thinking…

Today it’s already scientifically well-known that gut health is directly connected with immunity. If you keep your intestines clean then chances are you can be virus-free as well.

The native Hawaiians were all disease-free before the introduction to other cultures.

In India and Pakistan, there’s a type of intestinal-safe food called “ragi”. Hawaiians have taro/poi. South Americans have quinoa which is a seed. The Chinese ate certain pinecones, pine needles, and pine tree resins and bark.

And this isn’t to say that some people are meant not to be grain-free, but it’s still good to appreciate the wisdom of the ancients and know you have a choice to be suffering-free.

Much love and aloha from Maui,

P.S. Humans can live healthy lives being sugar-free, however it’s important for women to eat salt due to menses/pregnancy. Salt is useful if your physically active in warm climates. (In the army, they’d place salt tablets at the lunch tables.) Salt can be very beneficial during fasting activities. Also women’s diets should be tofu-free as it was invented by male monks with male constitutions.


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