Around Here 2 (III)

Artbook #15: Maui Tree
Sterling Silver Thinnest And Strongest Thin Hoop Earrings
Thin Gold Hoop Earrings
Artbook #15: “Maui Tree”
Daintiest Sterling Silver Thinnest And Strongest Thin Hoop Earrings for D.S.
Very Thin Gold Hoop Earrings
Artbook #15:”Maui Tree”

Artbook/Journal #15
“Maui Tree”
6H x 4W Inches
Cotton Thread, Paper, Ink
4 Prints/12+Pages

“Dear Helen, the earrings are beautiful. Exactly the size I wanted and the look. Pure and simple, so gorgeous. Thank you for knowing how to make them and help protect the earth at the same time. They came beautifully wrapped and when I saw them, it was such a thrill to get what I was hoping for. They are strong which is what I wanted. I have small ears so the size is perfect. Thank you again, for the beautiful earrings, wrapping, and all that you do. I am thrilled with the earrings.” — r.j.


Feed your mind of good happenings


A podcast interview with this helenbobelen…


Creative Minimalist Health And Wellness


Animals are our friends…this being said, I fully accept you as you are…


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Happy Independence Day

Sterling Silver Thinnest And Strongest Thin Hoop Earrings in Grand
Kids In A New Groove
Austin wildflowers that were plucked on a morning walk…thank you Lady Bird Johnson…
Physician Committee for Responsible Medicine
Bouldin Creek Cafe
Art book/Journal #14: “Austin”
Foster Kittens in the Cat Room
Sterling Silver Thinnest And Strongest Thin Hoop Earrings in “Grand”

Sure the content of this website changes, even within a single post.

Maybe it’s because I’m not sure if I’m a strong believer in anything, including social media’s “power”, much less the idea of a blog being used as a “journal”.

I mean, who wants to show their journal (and close relationships) to everyone? And how long-lasting is social media’s power?

(And aren’t we supposed to not care what others think of us?)

Anyway, I guess this blog is a glimpse. And a “hello” to all the people and loved ones I’ve met for almost 5 decades.

Yes, I’m back on the Mainland, traveled to Dallas, and lead a busy life with A.H., foster kittens, metalsmithing, music, art, exercise, meditation, writing, and nature.

Right now, besides vegan eateries such as ATX Food Co., Bouldin Creek Cafe, Spiral Cafe being enjoyable Austin and Dallas treats, clean eating at home (sugar-free, gluten-free, and low-sodium) and just plain fasting seem to keep the sleep hours low and the energy levels high.

Thank you for your purchases, you continued support, and kind feedback.

Yes, this Helenbobelen’s still very much alive.