Austin Cafe III

“Austin Cafe III” photo by A.H.

“Austin Cafe III” illustrated by this Helenbobelen

Ditto…photo by A.H.

A.H. and I go to cafes and listen to music and draw. I wish I could show you his drawing…so spacious compared to mine and the people a bit more round and everything else a bit more precise…
My drawings are about light and shadow, imperfection, and weirdly, speed: I draw in one sitting and I know that once I get up from the table, the drawing’s finished because this Helenbobelen has other things to do like practice singing and the ukulele or working myself out or working someone else out (I’m a 24 Hour Fitness “Master Trainer”, combining yoga, OT and PT with weights…and some acro).
Recently, with 3 foster kittens abounding through our undergoing-renovations-house, and me juggling various projects, I say to A.H. “I think I’ve taken on a bit too much…” and he says, “Everything will work itself out.” And he, too, is balancing two cities, two businesses, art, music, and our Austin life.
Sometimes, I realize it’s the “weekend” not just because I’m eating more carbs…but mostly it’s because I’m singing at the top of my lungs for no apparent reason, or he’s singing one of his songs for no apparent reason, laundry is drying on the line outside. And in the evenings, A.H. and I are out dancing or sitting at a cafe drawing the same thing…and a herd of kittens are suddenly squishing their way through the door to join me in the bathroom…
In the above illustrated photo, you can see that I didn’t have enough time to replenish my paper supply so I use an envelope for my canvas.
My creative process is this: I push my personality to the side, keep my hara relaxed, my eyes estimate the distances between the to-be-drawn-objects, study the various shades of light, my ears and heart enjoy the music, and my hand moves my pen across the paper.
This Helenbobelen will be at Creative Action community center this Saturday, September 7th from 10am -12pm, performing music in the common room during the Parent/child Music and Movement Classes.


she/I will be at Creative Action again on Sunday, September 15th, facilitating a sustainable art class from 2 – 5pm. We’ll be looking at urban nature conservancy from a gratitude perspective.
As always, thank you for your purchase, support, and kind words…
“Helen is the best personal trainer in the world!” — William Kanaka, Esq., Maui

Artbook #18: “Austin Cafe II”

Artbook #18: Austin Cafe ll and 14K Thinnest And Strongest Thin Hoop Earrings in Medium-Grand for S.K.
Ditto as above (the earrings are on the inside…)

Artbook #18 and Sterling Silver Thinnest And Strongest Thin Hoop Earrings in Dainty for Columbia Land Trust (the orange isn’t included)…