Artbook #19: Austin Cafe III and Sterling Silver Thinnest and Strongest Thin Hoop Earrings in Medium-Grand

Artbook #19 and Sterling Silver Hoop Thinnest And Strongest Thin Hoop Earrings in Medium-Grand for K.S.
Ditto but also with a feather and orange …

My First Trophy

This Helenbobelen’s first ever trophy…The “Newbie” Award

I’m sure a lot of you are coveting this trophy with a nekkid baby on the top. To be honest, I’ve won awards before usually in the form of a plaque or paper certificate or even a colored ribbon…but not a trophy-trophy.

They gave it to this Helenbobelen because more than enough people were kind enough to trust their money, time, and energy into my fitness consulting efforts and experience — which, by the way, is influenced by my attention-to-detail jewelry-making.

Thank you to 24 Hour Fitness Austin and to 24 Hour Fitness Maui.

Thank you to you for following along on this Helenbobelen adventure…

Austin’s Other Birds

Austin airfield and miniature runway for model airplanes…

A model airplane in flight… it’s tiny but still visible in this photo (look to the left of the middle of the photo and toward 1/4 of the photo’s bottom)

My fitness consulting client J.H.’s airplanes. The one to the left has a camera on it and one can see what it seems through a set of goggles…

A.H. and I met client J.H. to go see art fly..