How to be EMF-Free while still having an On-line Presence

In Eastern cultures, chickens represent health and wish fulfillment…this is a Hawaiian chicken…too muscular for human consumption.

Is it conceivable to live synergistically with technology and nature?

To use the internet for the meeting of our human needs, be EMF-free as much as possible, and at the same time, preserve the bee population that provides us with our natural food source and the natural food source for our nieces and nephews, daughters and sons, and their children?

Here are some suggestions to explore this possibility…

  • Create an agreed schedule between yourself and your clients of when you’re products/services will be available for purchase.
  • Set expectations to your clients in terms of communication frequency and fulfillment/shipping times.
  • Use data rather than Wifi.
  • Log out of Social Media when not in use.
  • Unplug/disconnect your router before napping/retiring for the evening, or even better, use data or only plug in your router while using the internet.
  • When you’re not using your phone/digital device, keep your setting for Wi-Fi as off, keep your phone on airplane, and/or turn off your phone. Even better, run down your battery before going to bed. Have a landline telephone service.
  • Have a clear idea for what you’re going to use the internet before you log on.
  • Use a black tourmaline crystal. Place the crystal between the digital device and your body.
  • Minimize the amount of base metals that you wear on your body.
  • Wear clothing created from natural and insulative fibers, such as Merino wool (you can find them second-hand to be cruelty-free).
  • Meditate (open-eye meditation) while using the internet.

To learn more about open-eye meditation/presence you can set up a one-on-one consulting session with me here. And/or you can purchase my portable guide on open-eye meditation/hara control: B.O.S.S.Y. Control of the Hara here

And as always, thank you for your purchases, kind feedback, and support.

This Helenbobelen is a professional natural healer/Yogi/medical empath who’s healed herself (as a child, teenager, and young woman — eyesight, cyst-free, and congenital-conditions-free, even before being initiated into Kriya Yoga…) and others through the use of ancient Daoist/Hindu, Christian, Islamic, and Native Hawaiian nutrition and prayer principles (it is well-known that the Hawaiian islands once supported a completely disease-free population).