Maui Flora, Fauna, and the Art of Appreciation

Chicken crossing the parking lot…
Same chicken but with its head up…
Yesterday, I had to stop and take a photo of this cosmic-rendition of a flower…
How many chickens on this Maui-ian island?
Chickens as spirit animals represent health and fulfilled dreams…

Much Aloha and Mahalo,


Which Thin Gold Hoop Earrings Do I (this Helenbobelen) Wear?

This photo was taken around 5:45pm. The earrings I’m wearing are the 10k Strong Thin Hoop Earrings in Medium (Earth-friendly 10k Gold). I keep this category of thin gold hoops in my earlobes 24/7 (eat/sleep/shower/yoga/gym, swim, etc.) and they retain their shape.

Otherwise, I’m wearing Mineral Fusion mascara and Mineral Fusion eyeshadow (both applied 8 hours ago), and Badger Lip Balm on an otherwise bare face and my hair is product-free, aside from a braided elastic tie. Jacket by Patagonia.

As usual, thank you for your purchase, kind feedback, and love!




“It worked!!!…You are a magician, and if you’re not a magician, you’re a saint!” — K. Gouvcia (hugging this Helenbobelen), now genu-valgum-free, hip-pain-free


“Dear Helen, the earrings are beautiful. Exactly the size I wanted and the look. Pure and simple, so gorgeous. Thank you for knowing how to make them and help protect the earth at the same time. They came beautifully wrapped and when I saw them, it was such a thrill to get what I was hoping for. They are strong which is what I wanted. I have small ears so the size is perfect. Thank you again, for the beautiful earrings, wrapping, and all that you do. I am thrilled with the earrings.” — r.j.

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A podcast interview with this helenbobelen…

5 Steps to be Virus-Free

It is historic and scientific fact that the ancient Hawaiians were disease-free and virus-free.

They were grain-free as they knew the gut-lining-influence of certain types of food on their embryonic breath (belly breath/hara breath) — they kept their intestines clean and intact.

Jordan Understands Gut Health and Optimal Immunity…

They grew and ate taro/poi (a type of starch), ate mercury-free fish, seaweed (selenium and B12), vegetables and fruit. They wore minimal clothing of natural fibers, being mold-free and bacteria-free. Their clothing was based on simple science rather than bodily shame or glorification.

They, as a group, said prayers of forgiveness and gratitude (ho’oponoponi) and felt they were one with nature. They shared any excesses. They were open to other faith-belief systems because their language was so simple that it couldn’t limit meaning.

The Kanaka Maolis were tall, muscular people and grew as tall as 9 feet. (The Asian Daoists had similar philosophies and people lived into their 200s…although they didn’t eat taro so they were not as tall. And yet they also had thick hair and boundless energy.)

They played and surfed in the ocean. They appreciated the clean air and water and said, “Water is Life”.

And the name of Ha-wai’i literally means “Breath-Water”.

5 Steps to be Virus Free:

  1. Gut-health. Improve it. Sugar-free, grain-free (to be rice-free is to be arsenic-free). Dairy-free. Meat-free.
  2. Yoga. Yoga, since it’s based on breath, heals everything. (If you believe in the material body, it helps with blood circulation which benefits muscle growth and higher metabolism.)
  3. Breathe. Lower belly breathing…
  4. Be toxin-free, around toxin-free folk. Hang out in nature.
  5. Do things that motivate you to have healthy habits, to be well, joyful, and alive. Give.

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