I’ve been a goldsmith for over 19 years and feel these helenbobelen.com “Thinnest (And Strongest) Thin Gold Hoop Earrings” pair terrifically with everything from jeans and a t-shirt to a business suit or a silk dress and heels for a night on the town.

My formal artistic background includes sketching and painting at Parsons School of Design and accessories design and metalsmithing at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Here’s a more detailed Helenbobelen artist bio (clearing of the throat):

Although she’s spent time as an adult at Harvard Business School, H.M. Lee has been an artist her entire life.
When she was 7, she won an award for a written essay and was invited to read it aloud on local radio. A year later she won another award for her vocal and piano performance. In high school, under the direction of Joan Hopkins, she went to state IMTA competitions for classical piano performance.
As a university student, Ms. Lee switched to visual art and created several Super-8 and 16mm Bolex film/video shorts, documentaries, and commercials (won an award in the latter category) and then later studied prose and poetry at Northwestern University.
In Europe, she studied short story writing under Francine Prose and Margot Livesy and 16 years later received a scholarship to attend the Highlights Children’s Writers Workshop where she met and later received further guidance from Coretta Scott King Award recipient/illustrator Floyd Cooper.
Her collage work being influenced by artist Lynn Pauley with whom she studied drawing and painting at Parsons School of Art in 1999, Ms. Lee created the picture book Suriso with collaged art and simple lines from 2010-2012.
Still holding interest in music, she studied classical, jazz, and pop technique with Cari Cole’s Voice Studio and jazz soloist Michelle Carr in NYC, and classical with opera diva Maria Todaro in Woodstock, NY, along with teaching herself the ukulele.
Thereafter, spending at least 4 years of “alone time”, she further developed her own artistic aesthetic, even experimenting with sculpture from recycled sterling silver — along with other more natural materials — and in 2015 had her first solo show/First Thursday in Portland, Oregon’s Pearl District. In 2017, she was interviewed on the art-centered YourCreativePush podcast.
Her artwork and creations may be also found in home galleries (and on humans) all across the world.


In order to maintain high quality standards, I curate a small quantity of item listings here in my shop. Since my “Thinnest” (And Strongest) Thin Gold Hoop Earrings, Strong Thin Gold Hoop Earrings, jewelry, and art are created one-by-one so my artisanal production time may be longer compared to other manufacturers, but you can be rest assured that you can enjoy a beautiful result for the long-term.

If you don’t see your desired “thinnest” (and strongest) thin hoop earring size and shape, you may send me an email request for a reserved listing (to be purchased within 24 hours of the posted listing) or just keep checking back. Thank you for your patience and understanding!


Helenbobelen.com Thinnest (And Strongest) Thin Gold Hoop Earrings Sizes (due to hand-created nature, sizes are approximate):

Name and Size

 Grandest — 2.75 inches
Extra Grand  — 2.50 inches
Grand  — 2.00 inches
Medium-Grand  — 1.75 inches
Medium  — 1.38 inches
Petite-Medium  — 1.00 inch
Petite  — .75 inch
Dainty  — .50 inch
Extra Dainty  — .33 inch
Daintiest  — .25 inch


Kindly verify that your electronic payment address is correct — it greatly helps to expedite rapid shipping. You may also pre-pay via money order.

If this jewelry and/or art is a gift, please specify the name of the gift’s recipient.

Timing: Your beautiful hand-created jewelry and art will ship within 3-9 business days of payment. Please allow up to 10-14 business days for all custom orders.

If you need other types of delivery, please email me. (And just so you know, to keep my head and hands steady for all clients, each expedited order requires a 10% premium, along with any necessary expedited shipping method. Thank you for your understanding.)

For reserved orders, the agreed upon listing is to be claimed and purchased within 24 hours or the item returns back into the shop for other potential clients. Thank you for your understanding.

Shipping methods:

I ship jewelry requests within the USA by First Class mail or by Priority. Shipping within the USA is complimentary. If you would like a different shipping method please let me know. For any international requests, delivery to Canada is via 3-6 Business Days Delivery $65.00 and everywhere else worldwide is via 2-9 Business Days International Delivery $75.00 or via 5-12 Business Days USPS International Priority $40.00 (an international delivery invoice will be created and emailed to you shortly after I receive your electronic payment for your hand-created jewelry) unless the thin gold hoop earrings are created with 18K gold and shipping is complimentary.


Artwork includes complimentary shipping within the USA. For any international requests, delivery to Canada is via 3-6 Business Days Delivery $65.00 and everywhere else worldwide is via 2-9 Business Days International Delivery $75.00. An international delivery invoice will be created and emailed to you shortly after I receive your electronic payment.


Return Policy:

EARRINGS ARE BESPOKE…earrings are made-to-order, one of a kind, hold intrinsic value due to gold or sterling silver content and requires purchasing at a certain market value. Each pair requires decades of experience, a fixed amount of labor and due to perceived notions about hygiene, any pair of earrings, and any of the items listed below on this page are Non-Refundable. If you are not happy with your earrings purchase, you may ship them at your expense — and I can reinforce/strengthen them at a minimum of $1.00 so that PayPal can act as recordkeeper/mediator for shipping/tracking. I am not responsible for any items lost in delivery or for items damaged by carrier or by acts-of-nature.

Jewelry, art, reserve orders, custom orders, wholesale orders, and used items are final sales.

Earrings/earring components/jewelry constructed with earrings due to sanitary reasons are final sales.

Everything you see that is purchasable on this website is a final sale.

Shipping costs/postage and adequate insurance is the responsibility of the buyer and are not refundable. Delays in shipping or delivery due to force of nature or any other uncontrollable event are beyond the artist’s responsibility and are not refundable. Refused packages are subject to a restocking fee of $30.00

Suriso Picture Book Shop:

All purchased digital/PDF files are non-refundable.

Hoop earring thickness: I use the thinnest gauge and they’re the thinnest and strongest on the market. Still take care, though, as most beautiful things deserve TLC.

Jewelry Care: Jewelry is fragile and should be worn with care. Please do not wear your jewelry in the shower or during extreme physical activity’. Please keep your jewelry in a sealed container to maintain natural color.

For “re-shaping” helenbobelen.com Thinnest (And Strongest) Thin Hoop Earrings, please email for a reserved listing: 1 hoop earring is $15.00 + $8.00 shipping and 2 hoop earrings/1 pair is $25.00 + $8.00 shipping.

All jewelry arrives beautifully packaged. Let me know if your purchase is a gift and I can include a gift card so your friend or relative knows who the gift is from! Just let me know what message you’d like to send, and I’ll include it with your gift.

Artwork Care: Keep out of direct sunlight. Clean with a dry, soft cloth. A combination of non-glare glass and acid-free mats works best with artwork on paper.


P.S. Thinnest (And Strongest) Thin Gold and Silver Hoop Earrings and Strong Thin Gold Hoop Earrings Packaging (aside from signed and numbered art print and business cards) is 100% biodegradable/compostable. The gold and silver are from conflict-free and sustainable sources and are created by hand, utilizing natural and sustainable methods.

P.S.S. From every helenbobelen.com sale, a percentage of the net proceeds (and/or an in-kind-gift) is donated to reputable 501c(3) charities via piarei foundation.


Thank you for your patience and understanding. I appreciate you more than you’ll ever know!