Story of the Truck Driver

Back in the 90s when I was one of three female trainers amongst 16 male trainers at Crunch Gyms in NYC, we attended a post-rehabilitation seminar. The seminar leader told us a story of a truck driver who came to him because he had back pain.

The truck driver said he drove long distances and for some time his back began to bother him.

The seminar leader asked the truck driver to stand up to assess his posture.  He noticed that the driver had a very thick wallet in one of his back pockets.

“I could see that this thick wallet was the source of the driver’s back pain,” said the well-degreed seminar leader. “Do you know what my recommendation was to the truck driver?”

We all remained silent and shrugged our shoulders. I’m sure some of us were imagining complicated workouts with seated rows or lat pull-downs.

“I told the driver to switch his wallet to the other pocket.”

The solution was so simple…and yet so effective on a moment-by-moment daily basis which would have long-term implications.

Through this story, I learned about the powers of observation and to this day when I have a client — even a female client — I observe their posture/stance and the way they walk. If the client is a female, I ask her to raise and shrug her shoulders. And if one shoulder is higher than the other, I ask her if she carries a bag. If the answer is “yes” then I tell her to start carrying the bag on the other shoulder and alternate whenever possible.

I hope you enjoyed this story and can apply it in some way to your life.

Love, Hbb