“I love this book!” — R. Labinson, Yoga Teacher

“I’m just feeling the vibration off this book…” — J., Spiritual Book Bibliophile

Some of you may or may not know that I recently wrote a mini-book/portable tool on presence…ideas that extend from various ancient wisdoms.

Did you know there’s an actual “sweet spot” in the body that relaxes and activates meditation? A sweet spot that surges immense energy up the spine, up to the crown, and then into the pineal gland…and straightens the spine and clarifies the brain?And a sweet spot that you activate by properly breathing? (In Tricycle Magazine’s 2018 4th Quarter Magazine author/meditator Ken Kushner touches upon this topic in “Meditations Off The Beaten Path”. While Eckhart Tolle calls this Hara relaxation in the “Power of Now” as ‘a dropping of suitcases’.)

I credit these ideas for keeping me grounded and fit, healthy and well, and illness-free since the 2000s. I’m 50 and I still get mistaken for a college student.

As many of you know, it comes down breath. And reminding others to breathe and using the book’s techniques has immediately uplifted others.

This book could be much longer, however, I wanted to create something lightweight and practical…a reminder for the bearer to stay in their body, no matter how empathic they might be…and I’ve succeeded with these techniques. (Longer hara articles are electronically-available below.)

Keeping present can create a radical change in quality of life…it would make for the perfect gift for yourself, for a loved one, for the planet.

Each booklet is one-of-a-kind, hand-stitched with cotton thread, and hand-lettered and illustrated by yours truly. This “publication” is truly a labor of love.

As usual, I appreciate your purchases, kind feedback, support, and referrals.




This “B.O.S.S.Y. Control of the Hara” little booklet/guide illustrates how to perform optimal breathing and cognitive ways to attain/maintain spinal alignment, presence and be pain-free.