Sterling Silver And 14K Gold Flower Ring (II)
This Helenbobelen — this Helen…Helen Suh Marien Lee — is an artist, goldsmith, author/illustrator, consultant, and founder.

She is the creator of the NYC Nolita handbag and accessories store called Helen Marien, The Store (now closed after 7 years of business).

As a Korean-American, she resides in the U.S. and creates her illustrated, one-of-a-kind artbooks, thin gold hoop earrings and hummingbird art in small, artisanal quantities with sustainable practices. One of her favorite books is The Power Of Now.

Besides being an artist/entrepreneur, she’s also a diligent/relaxed tee-totaler/plant-based eater…) who’s done fitness training on a regular basis for the past 20+ years, zazen for the past 12, and yoga for the past 10; she loves music, dance, the young ‘uns, fur babies, woodworking, urban-homesteading, and artful things sprung from Love.

Her blog’s been published for over 9 years; She’s grateful to the Creator who created this twinkled-dream universe and the silence within.

Thank you for stopping by…


H.M. Lee

P.S. The gold and silver in her work are from conflict-free sources and the thin gold hoop earrings are created by hand, utlizing sustainable methods. The water-friendly paints are either tempera or watercolor and the wood is either salvaged or created in thin formats. 95% of her packaging is either recyclable or biodegradable/compostable.

P.S.S. From every sale, a percentage of the net proceeds (and/or an in-kind-gift) is donated to reputable 501c(3) charities via

P.S.S.S. A client has asked this Helenbobelen to include her email link on this page so here it is…


Kind words about Helen and her work:

Helen is a true artist! — A.B.

She treats children with respect, recognizes their intelligence. She maximizes their talents.
— J.A.

The world’s best personal trainer! — B.K.

Helen is attentive, playful, and respectful. She is grounded in the moment and responsive to needs as they arise. Helen is that rare individual who is wholly committed to bringing her best to every person and every situation. She brings far more to the job than her skills or qualifications will attest.  — L.E.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!! Thank you!!!! — S.H.

You’re a shining light and he will be better just by you being there. Thank you for your help and gifts…the portraits of Ohia and Abby are very special. Malama pono, Helen — L.K.