Sterling Silver And 14K Gold Flower Ring (II)

This Helenbobelen — this Helen…H.M. Lee — is grateful to the Creator to be a healthy, happy, whole, whole foods plant-based eater/juicer who is also a successful singer/songwriter (, artist/designer, goldsmith, and author. After 20+ years of doing so, she continues to fitness train every day and after 12+years of doing so, she continues to daily practice yoga. If you’d like access to her 18K and Sterling Silver pages, you may email her and receive password-access.

Helen currently resides in Austin, Texas with her boyfriend.

2020 will be blog’s 10th year; she’s grateful to you for your continued purchases/gratuities, kind words, and support.

Thank you for stopping by…


H.M. Lee

The gold and silver are from war-free sources and the thin gold hoop earrings are created by hand, utilizing sustainable methods. Most of her packaging is either recyclable or biodegradable/compostable.

P.S.S. From every sale/performance/session, a percentage of the net proceeds (and/or an in-kind-gift) is donated to reputable 501c(3) charities via her piarei foundation page. Other times, a complimentary song performance, session, etc also goes to a 501c3 or to where it’s most needed.



This Helenbobelen encourages the use of environmentally-correct, eco-responsible, conflict-free 18K, 18K White Gold/Palladium, Sterling Silver, and other precious metals as it supports ethical jewelry production standards, supports the preservation of humane labor practices and respect for surrounding indigenous communities, and helps to maintain the earth’s natural resources. H.M. Lee is an artist who uses 100% recycled gold and silver certified by Scientific Certified Systems.

Beauty begets more beauty in a consciously-created-with-love precious metal heirloom/keepsake. Combine that quality with intrinsic value and timeless style, and the result is a deeply cherished gift to a loved one or to oneself.


Kind Words For H.M.Lee/Helenbobelen:

…with Sustainably-Created Jewelry and “Thinnest” Thin Gold Hoop Earrings*:


Keep on sharing your beautiful creations with the world. — i.p.


I received my earrings. They are light and well made and exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much. I will be ordering the other gold pair in a few weeks. — i.p.

Received my order today love my earrings!j.b.


I received my earring and am thrilled with it! I feel so much put together when I have hoops in my ears.— p.l.


Just wanted to say thank you for these gorgeous earrings and the work you put in to create them. I am super delighted with them and they are so lightweight I never want to take them out. p.g.


Dear Helen: The earrings are beautiful. Exactly the size I wanted and the look. Pure and simple, so gorgeous. Thank you for knowing how to make them and help protect the earth at the same time. They came beautifully wrapped and when I saw them, it was such a thrill to get what I was hoping for. They are strong which is what I wanted. I have small ears so the size is perfect. Thank you again, for the beautiful earrings, wrapping, and all that you do. I am thrilled with the earrings. — r.j.


Received and they are beautiful! Thanks! — a.b.


Just to let you know I received my beautiful earrings today, May 9!  Thank you so very much for keeping in touch with me and for your patience!  I love the slenderness of the Sterling…absolutely what I was looking for! –k.m.


Hi! Just wanted you to know that the earrings you made are gorgeous! They are perfect and they sparkle! I believe that communication is the most  important part of  of a business and you impressed me there. Thank you so much for your great customer service, the fast shipping and the lovely packaging. Thank you for the fantastic earrings and for supporting charities. I will make sure to recommend you to everyone I know. k.g.


Hi Helen, I got the earrings today.  They’re brilliant.  Thanks so much! — m.r.


Hi Helen, I received my earrings yesterday. They are wonderful, thank you so much. And I loved your packaging, it was so fun to unwrap. I think I’ll be ordering more in different sizes. — m.r.


​Hi Helen, I opened the envelope today…it looks amazing! [She] is going to love her new earrings. I’m so happy I found you so that I can pass on this beautiful artisan gift to her and I know she will forever appreciate this. She will forever remember. — g.k.


Hi Helen, I received my beautiful earrings today! I appreciate the quality of the earrings and of course the packaging! I love them so much I am ordering a similar pair for my niece. I love passing on such quality unique artisan earrings she will always wear and we will both cherish them. Thank you so much. — g.k.


I love them! They are fabu! he packaging was so pure TLC. I didn’t want to open them. Well I did, but you know : ) Thank you again for everything, Helen. I may go for another pair! — k.s.


The wrapping looks beautiful, can’t wait for her to receive them! Thank you! — l.l.


I love your mission! Such important work!— g.l.

My earrings arrived and they are perfect. I love them. Your packaging is so beautiful.— l.w.


I ordered a few pairs of “thinnest” earrings from you several weeks back. As a designer, I wanted to take a moment to tell you how wonderful not only your product is, but also your product presentation. It was so much fun dissecting your product packaging and the experience was one-of-a-kind. Much like you! My favorite part about this whole experience was being introduced to conflict-free silver which I was unaware of. It’s truly a great day when one receives a great product made with integrity and compassion. Enjoy your day and know that you have another life-long fan. — g.b.


I will enjoy both of my beautiful silver and gold hoop earrings forever. — p.c.


I had been looking for the larger thin hoop earrings for some time but the ones I found were always too thick, until I found yours. I will be looking forward to loving the gold earrings as much as I love the silver ones. — p.c.


I love your work — I wear your tiny gold hoops everyday! Actually, I haven’t taken them off since I got them 3 years ago. — l.d.


Helen! They are gorgeous and so was the way you packaged it…you are a beautiful gifted artist. — p.b.


I love them! They are beautiful. I’ll be in touch with you again for additional purchases. They are everything I hoped they would be! — j.p.


Thank you so much. They are exactly as I thought they would be. — a.b.


Got them! And they are beautiful and exactly what I wanted! Thank you! n.k.


I wanted to let you know that the earrings have arrived. They look amazing. s.g.


Delicate and so beautiful — love them! — julsie17


Simply beautiful. I love these earrings. — amyliedman


I bought heart-shaped hoop earrings from you two years ago, and they are my absolute favorite pair of earrings. I love the “daintiest” hoop earrings, too! I just got a second set of lobe piercings and think these will look great with the hearts. I’ll definitely be back to shop again soon. l. wood


Absolutely beautiful earrings and such pleasant correspondence! Thanks so much!–grownda


The earrings got here today and they are great. They look really nice on my wife and she loves them. Thanks.  c.d. jr.


Aloha Helen, my earrings arrived today in the mail.  I just wanted to thank you for doing such beautiful work — I love them! Mahalo... — b.m.


I got the earings. I can’t tell you how excited I am to wear them, they are exquisite. They look terrific. I keep touching them because I can’t even feel them they are so light! — pintopony


Helen treats her customers with care — she provides immediate responses to any questions you may have about her products and it didn’t take too long to receive these earrings. She also is personal with her packaging — really sweet letter included with the purchase and adorable bag for the earrings is included, too! I will continue doing business with Helen in the future for sure. kimquerciagrossa


Best purchase for jewelry in a long time. I’m very simple when it comes to accessories, so I had to have these. Great price, cute packaging, was an absolute pleasure to do business with Helen. I loved the earrings so much that I’ve gotten myself a second bigger, that are larger. They really are ultra thin, and very delicate, so be careful with them! Extraordinary-ly light, I can’t feel them hanging off my earlobes, they’re all around classic, affordable and undeniable desirable. — mercedesromero


The hoop earrings are perfectly simple and exactly what I was looking for. Helen was very prompt with the creation and delivery. I loved and appreciated her updates through the process. The packaging was personalized and full of love. A quality product with a heartfelt feel. Wonderful. Definitely would recommend! — kristinfinn


I so appreciate your work! My sister was very happy with her “petite-medium” gold hoop earrings. She also really enjoyed the packaging that in itself was a gift. Your talent is beautiful. Thank you so much for helping me wish my sister a wonderful birthday. We succeeded! — willing2


…The earrings are perfect — exactly like I imagined. They are in my ears now. They remind me to be the gold that I am and are quite uplifting. So much love pouring from the package, too. Thank you. What a blessing. I treasure them.  tm


I love these earrings and the seller is the sweetest thing ever! Her personalized notes on the packaging were so cute and brought a smile to my face. I would definitely buy again…I may even purchase something tonight.  elizabethsavran


I bought these as a belated Valentine’s Day present for myself and I love them! Her personalization is the best, the dedication she puts into every piece and customer is fantastic. !! So happy!  elizabethsavran


Perfect! They are perfectly small and dainty! LOVE love LOVE! Thank you so much, would purchase again, seller was great!  kailazoch


I haven’t taken these off once since I received them almost a month ago. They’re perfect! I also loved that they arrived in the most beautiful, personalized packaging. Such a nice and unexpected touch. — jess


Helen is a true artist! These were exactly what I wanted, and she was as prompt as I have ever seen. I will definitely be ordering again. Creative passion is inspiring.  — asbartosiak


I gave these to my mom for Mother’s Day and she absolutely adores them. She swears she’ll never take these little lovies off . Thanks, Helen, for the sweet earrings and lovely packaging! — mintrat


So beautiful and perfect. Thank you so much for the heartfelt messages and drawings! I posted on my daily board to look at every day!  fthhope


*you can go here to see some of the screenshots of the past reviews

…with Music (

Beautiful! I love French films, and I feel like this could part of the soundtrack of a film — T. Barker

Comforting! — N. Burson

So lovely! — C. Wang

Your voice sounds beautiful on the recording — very earthy. — N. Baack

I just watched your music video and was amazed by the natural harmony you create. — R. Quigley

You slayed it! — F.S.

Your voice is better than Stacey Kent… — W.E. Longoria

You’ve got a great voice…your voice is your own voice…it’s like that of the singer Eartha Kitt and other famous singers… — L. Tash

I love watching your videos! — M.Mary



…with Music/Movement/Meditation and Healing and her B.O.S.S.Y. Control of the Hara Book:

It worked!!!…You are a magician, and if you’re not a magician, you’re a saint!” — K. Gouvcia (hugging this Helen), now genu-valgum-free, hip-pain-free

You are such an inspiration, Helen. — L. Southerland

I love this book! — R. Labinson

It’s so incredible how in touch with here and the other side you are. I find it inspirational. — E. Sinclair

You are the most wonderful person on Earth for us. — J. Teixeira, Single Father of Two Children

I’m just feeling the vibration off this book… — J., Spiritual Book Bibliophile


2020 Music Venues:

Casa De Luz, Toomey Road, Austin, TX

(every other Friday evening around 7pm, starting June 5th…)

Coffee Attic, 59 Kanoa St, Wailukku, HI 96793

Paia Bay Coffee — “Wahine Wednesday” (both pop/jazz covers and originals), 115 Hana Hwy, Paia, HI 96779

2019 Music Venues:

Bullock State History Museum, 1800 Congress Ave., Austin, TX 78701

Creative Action, 1023 Springdale Road, Austin, TX 78721

Coffee Attic, 59 Kanoa St, Wailukku, HI 96793

Lumeria Maui, 1813 Baldwin Ave, Makawao, HI 96768

Maui Coast Hotel (solo and w/Steve Sargenti), 2259 S. Kihei Rd, Kihei, HI 96753

Paia Bay Coffee, 115 Hana Hwy, Paia, HI 96779

Soulasana, 70 Kaahumanu Avenue Suite B 4, Kahului, HI 96732

For the Royal Hawaiian Family, Hana and Makawao, HI


2018 Music Venues:


Casa De Luz, Toomey Road, Austin, TX

Wilder Wood Restaurant and Bar, 1300 E. 7th, Austin, TX (Saturdays 7-9pm)


2018 Creative Action Music and Movement Classes for Parents and Children (0-5 years) :

I have enjoyed our work together so much.  We were so lucky to have you teaching the class – the families adore you. — s.c.-n.


…with Private Consulting Sessions:

Helen’s capacity to switch between customer centric thinking, design aesthetic, and practical business sense is impressive as it is rare. Not to mention she brings a sense of fun and energy to projects in which she is involved. E. Bauman, VP, Strategy and Insights, Schireson Associates

Helen is a pleasure to work with. She is responsive to my clients needs and very talented. It is not often you can find a great designer and a smart businesswoman all rolled into one! M. Bork, Special Events Producer

Helen has an innate ability to navigate business waters with ease and style. She sees past the emotion of starting and running a business to focus on the true practicalities of success. S. Burton, Owner/Artist, Burton Modern Clay

Helen is like Drano — she will unclog your brain and allow you to flow. — B. Einhorn, Television/Film Director/Writer

Helen applies her creativity and tenacity to business challenges resulting in extraordinary solutions for her clients. N. Prager, Attorney, Prager Law

Helen has helped me to understand myself better and shown me that I can have fun while I make changes in my life. Y. Tong, Principal, Yasmin Tong Consulting

Helen is extremely approachable. She is generous and resourceful with her time and talents. Helen is someone who can get things done. D. Spitzer, Director of Special Events and Major Donors, Keep A Child Alive

…with H.M. Lee’s Art and 100 Hummingbird Art Series:

Thank you so much for your donations of beautiful artwork to the Physicians Committee! I am in the office once a week and sort through the mail and am lucky enough to be the person who opens up your envelopes to find the loveliest drawings. Today we received a cat with the sweetest whiskers. I’m not yet sure how we can make the best use of your fits, but until we do, I wanted you to know how much we appreciate you and your love for animals.— b.w.

You’re a shining light and he will be better just by you being there. Thank you for your help and gifts…the portraits of O. and A. are very special. Malama pono, Helen — l.k.

We are pleased to showcase this piece. — m.s.

Helen is a true artist! — a.b.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!! Thank you!!!! — bettythefox 



A List of Enduring Artist Clients/Celebrities Who’ve Purchased Helenbobelen’s Work (She’s still pinching herself!):

Kevin Bacon

Willow Bay

The Bruckheimer Family

Taye Diggs

Helen Hemphill

Jared Hess

Conan O’Brien

Liza Powel

Idanna Pucci

LA Reid

Diane Sawyer

Karen Schwartz

Kyra Sedgwick

Tom Shadyac

Meryl Streep

Ward Sutton

Peter Trachtenberg

Terence Ward

Beautiful…everything’s beautiful… — Meryl Streep


The Following Contain Helenbobelen’s Past Work:


It's In The Bag Winifred Gallagher, “It’s In The Bag,” Harpers Publishing, 2006

TV: “World Fashion Tour with Elsa Klensch” CNN


Harpers Bazaar

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COMMERCIAL WORK: Dana Buchman Runway Show — NY FashionWeek Sabot Shoes, Atlanta, GA Eclectic Lifestyle, Zurich, Switzerland LTH Studio, Los Angeles, CA Nuance Omotesando Shop, Shibuya District, JAPAN

SOLO EXHIBITION: 2015 Sisters Coffee Company, Portland, OR

SCC Article


2017-2018 H.M. Lee Gallery, Austin, TX



2016 White Rose Gallery, Nashville, TN 2010 HJS Holiday Show, New York, NY 2007 MTV Style Lounge, Los Angeles, CA 2006 Strange Invisible Perfumes, Los Angeles, CA 2005 Mary Shops, New York, NY



2017 Your Creative Push


P.S. From every sale, a percentage of the net proceeds (and/or an in-kind-gift) is donated to reputable 501c(3) charities.


Thinnest (And Strongest) Thin Gold Hoop Earrings – Thin Gold Hoop Earrings – Ultra Thin – Very Thin Hoop Earrings – Thinnest & Strongest Hoop Earrings – Endless Hoop Earrings – Hand-Hammered  – Thin Gold Hoop Earrings – Artisanal Quality