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Maui (and some possible future) Perspectives

Maui Cultural Lands Inc.
Aloha signage in unexpected places…
What I love about the Maui landscape is the tree, chicken, and cat dominance…
Children’s Miracle Network
See, the big beautiful trees out-tall store signage everywhere here on Maui…
Hand Sanitizer that this Helenbobelen purchased after having several discussions with my 12 year old friend E.H. and A.H.
My foldable horse…
Cat tree house

My health and wellness clients sometimes ask me how I imagine the future.

With the burgeoning of automatic kiosks, I imagine a lot of free time…so I also imagine lots and lots of safe and dedicated bike lanes where people freely move their bodies and savor the outdoors. (It’s been scientifically proven that exercise, sunshine, and proximity to nature can raise human happiness levels.)

When it’s rainy, the folks go to big box stores that are now converted into trampoline centers for children (yes, A.H., with sky lights)…a place where the young’uns can jump to their hearts’ content and then nap soundly so their parents can chill out, going for a walk or bike ride on the endless sidewalk/bike trail expanse. These centers can also offer children opportunities to create art or experiment with music…basically to creatively (and rather inexpensively) pass the time in a meditative way, giving space and creative inspiration for meeting life’s bigger and ever-changing situations.

By this time, I also imagine someone has invented my wish-list-invention of a Xerox copier that uses white ink (or a white ink cartridge) so that recycled kraft paper becomes the norm in schools, businesses and institutions. In the past couple of years, at the places that I and my teacher friends have taught art and other school subjects, white paper has been nowhere to be found (this wasn’t the case when I was a child). Kraft paper is porous/more biodegradeable, a better value, and children don’t care what color their paper is as long as they have a blank canvas.

And because sidewalks and bike paths are regularly used, the roads and streets are now safe, due to the increased “out-and-abouted-ness” of people of all ages and backgrounds.

On the whole, today’s Maui-ian car drivers are considerate of bike riders and pedestrians, perhaps even moreso than of Portland, Oregon (land of “you-go-first-no-you-go-first” at every intersection). Besides the lush tall trees dominating the landscape — even over store signage — the city becomes about more tree architecture than building architecture…and this is what makes Maui heaven to this Helenbobelen.

Pristine air on tap.

In terms of healthcare, the preventative and holistic trend will continue…people will identify the emotions behind each health situation and come up with more cognitive and lifestyle solutions…only because it is the most environmentally and financial sustainable option.

In terms of future jobs/employment, I imagine people becoming more like freelancers…using their time to create their own niche expertises. People can barter/exchange their skills, master time, energy, and space principles…and of course, use traditional payment methods because, mais oui/claro, it’s easier to carry around dollars than cowrie shells or chickens or whatever pre-17th century currency.

After all, if robots are going to “take over humans”, we might as well capitalize on human movement, human creativity, human touch, and the human voice…and enjoy it…

How do you imagine the future?

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Love to you and thank you to those who’ve already pre-ordered…

Maui And Austin

The view outside my airplane window…
Tree and outdoor space…
Children’s Miracle Network
Kulalui on the way to Wailuku with a watchful moon (this Helenbobelen is on her foldable bike…and yes, she has lights)
Island pigeon
10kt Thinnest And Strongest Thin Gold Hoop Earrings in Grand for S.K.
Maui Christmas Tree
Columbia Land Trust
Sterling Silver Thinnest And Strongest Thin Hoop Earrings in Dainty for Kids In A New Groove
Austin Habitat for Humanity
14kt Thinnest And Strongest Thin Hoop Earring in Medium-Grand for S.K.
His eye is on the sparrow…

Thank you to A.H. for expertly packing my bike/foldable horse.

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Art, Earrings, and Music

Sterling Silver Thinnest And Strongest Thin Hoop Earrings in Dainty for Habitat for Humanity, and Columbia Land Trust; 10Kt Strong Thin Hoop Earrings for Kids In A New Groove
Sterling Silver Thinnest And Strongest Thin Hoop Earrings for Kids In A New Groove
Jacob’s Well with A.H.
Helenbobelen’s doodle while taking notes…(gifted to Adrienne)
Jacob’s Well with A.H.
This Helenbobelen teaching music and art to parents and children at Creative Action
The Surreal Sea with A.H.