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Rise In Peace Sophia

Sophia The Wonderful


Sophia Napping As I Sang and Played The Ukulele



19 years together. Me, her imperfect mother, but we both knew that our love was so so so unconditional and trusting…she was the perfect friend in my life…my feline soulmate. I’m infinitely lucky to have had such an affectionate bond with another being.

Thank you to the Universe who gave me plenty of time with her in her last months, allowing her to lounge to her hearts delight in Austin parks and for sending me gentle James, Jon, Charles James (and seemingly any other semi-stranger-compassionate person whose name has a “J”) to help give her the proper warm lap and shelter in her last weeks, and to Lisa, Margaret, and Stephanie for their understandings and support. Thank you to all the silly, serious strangers who approached Sophia and I…greeting Sophia and thanking me for how she changed their lives that day.

Thank you to the Universe for having given me a near-death-experience so I know the other side is a soft floating warm nest for her most deserving feline soul.

Thank you to Sophia for being my forever angel, having saved peoples’ lives here in true Lassie-fashion, for coaxing me into a life of music and connecting me to a true appreciation for Mother Nature and all the protection Gaia bestows us…

Love to all of you,



Live Music Performance at Wilder Wood


Hey Loves,

This Helenbobelen will be performing live at East Austin’s beautiful Wilder Wood (1300 E.7th) Saturday the 29th for their monthly Saturday Women’s Rooftop Dinner. Children are welcome and I’ll be singing some all-ages-friendly jazz in English and French. Wilder Wood has some of the best live performing vocalists/musicians in Austin and probably the nation since Austin is the Live Music Capital. Wilder Wood specializes in from-scratch-culinary delights and all is certified gluten-free to boot.

On the scenic rooftop you can kick off your heels, network, and/or spend quality time with your children, or yourself as the latter plays and creates with provided materials. En plus, a one-of-a-kind, Earth-friendly pair of Sterling Silver earrings and components will be raffled off!

Saturday’s women’s event gets ambling at 7pm and you probably won’t want to leave once it’s time to leave so get there early and settle into female-fiesta-mode with their tex-mex samplings…

Who: Women and children

What: Wilder Wood’s Monthly Saturday Women’s Rooftop Dinner (music by this Helenbobelen)…fresh and gluten-free

Where: 1300 East 7th, Austin, TX…just several blocks east of I35

When:  Saturday, September 29th, 7pm

Why: Wilder Wood was started by a woman and is supported by women (and women-loving men) and as a modern woman, you deserve a nourishing experience.

I’m excited to share the love of music!


Around Here XXXXI

Even though I blog, I often go low-tech…


Austin Pets Alive…unconditional love in many forms…


A+s for everything…


Still have yet to learn some combinations…




Children’s Miracle Network


A Few Of My Favorite Things…


More Lyrics To Perhaps Memorize…


An Illustration From Long Ago…

The above photos of artwork that are no longer in my possession…



From now until July 31st, for every purchase, a pair of Sterling Silver Thinnest And Strongest Thin Hoop Earrings will be donated to a 501c(3) benefitting children, animals, and/or the environment. 

The shops will be on holiday this July 4th…

Thank you for your kind feedback and purchases!

Thank you for being mindful and for being mindful of our Earth’s resources for our current and future generations!


All purchasers will be automatically entered into our 6th Annual December Blog Celebration!


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A podcast interview with this helenbobelen


Creative Minimalist Health And Wellness


Animals are our friends…


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