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“Just The Now”

The past is a mirage; it was actually “just the now”.

The future is also a mirage; as one approaches the future…the future becomes “just the now”.

What if we take a moment to savor “just the now” as it’s happening now? Every movement, breath, word, and silence?

For when one dies— and if you’re lucky to experience it fully while alive — one can see the direct link between now and Heaven.


This Helenbobelen will be performing song-ishly at Casa De Luz this Friday night, starting before 8pm…see you there!

Around Here 2 (IV)

Sterling Silver Thin Hoop Earrings
Sterling Silver Thinnest And Strongest Thin Hoop Earrings for N.K.


This Helenbobelen was meditating in the park and this dog decided to sit on my foot…he was one of two.


Free Forest School
This Helenbobelen was working on Music and Movement Class programming on Austin Public Library’s children’s floor…I looked up and suddenly there was a crowd and then a chamber orchestra started to play beautiful music…


C-C, The Ringworm-Free Foster Kitten


Austin Public Library


Passion Flower (Photo by Arlan Hooley)


Both dogs wanted to say hello…


Sterling Silver Thinnest And Strongest Thin Hoop Earrings for N.K.


Chamber Orchestra at Austin Public Library




Sterling Silver Thinnest And Strongest Thin Hoop Earrings for N.K.


C-C and her brother. Both are up for adoption…


Pencils of Promise


Sauntering Summer


Austin Public Library


“Dear Helen, the earrings are beautiful. Exactly the size I wanted and the look. Pure and simple, so gorgeous. Thank you for knowing how to make them and help protect the earth at the same time. They came beautifully wrapped and when I saw them, it was such a thrill to get what I was hoping for. They are strong which is what I wanted. I have small ears so the size is perfect. Thank you again, for the beautiful earrings, wrapping, and all that you do. I am thrilled with the earrings.” — r.j.


Feed your mind of good happenings


A podcast interview with this helenbobelen…


Creative Minimalist Health And Wellness


Animals are our friends…this being said, I fully accept you as you are…


Sterling Silver Thinnest Thin Hoop Earrings  – Sterling Silver Thin Hoop Earrings  – Ultra Thin Sterling Silver  Hoop Earrings – Very Thin Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings -Thinnest & Strongest Sterling Silver  Hoop Earrings – Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings – Artisanal Quality – Endless Hoop Earrings – Conflict-Free/Earth-Friendly Sterling Silver – Sustainably-Created In The U.S. – Earth-Friendly/Bio-Degradable Packaging – One-of-a-kind Thin Hoop Earrings Created By An Artist w/Love – Proceeds Go To 501c3s

Day 137: Hana and Kahului

Hana with A.R.
A young boy who kept staring at me so I drew him and became friends with his family…(see his sister’s illustrations below)
Magnesium Bracelet for J.A.
On the way to Hana with A.H.
A.K. the wonder watchdog.
Iao Valley
Iao Valley
Illustrations by a young girl…
Sterling Silver Thinnest And Strongest Thin Hoop Earrings in Extra Dainty for A.R.
Artbook #11
Paia Bay Coffee Performer