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Kahului, Paia, and Lahaina

Paia lunch hideaway thanks to B.D. and friends for showing me…
Full moon crashing waves on Baldwin Beach
Kahului: Tending to one of my whYs (whilst writing more on B.O.S.S.Y. Control of the Hara…and continuing conversations with others on this topic — my other whY…besides singing, which I did at Wailuku’s Coffee Attic, borrowing/tuning their Mele 6-string ukulele)
Discovering Lahaina…
If Baldwin Beach is choppy, then go to Lahaina’s Baby Beach where it’ll be sunny and calm.
See? Lahaina’s bathwater beach…whales like to visit this part of the island in December and into the new year — they no dumb-dumbs…
Untouched photograph (just cropped)…
Lahaina boardwalk…
I had this Plantation Museum to myself…
Lahaina Plantation Museum: my respect and regards to those who shaped Hawaii…

Also, since you’re all armchair travelers with me here on this blog, I decided to add on another blog giveaway deliverable by January 2020’s end. This would be the”catch-up” 8th Annual December-ish Blog Giveaway.

For the new 2020 year, the giveaway includes a Maui souvenir…a pocket calendar:

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That’s it for now! Thank you for helping to make 2019 one of the best years. I’m most appreciative of your purchases, kind feedback, and support!

Much love and aloha from Maui!

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The Hara: The Belly’s Inner Magic Button (VI)

“Baby, you need to wiggle your toes…” I say to my boyfriend as his gloved hand plucks a kitten off the floor and I approach them with a tumeric/coconut oil salve on a toothbrush. We’re on a mission to render these kittens ringworm-free.

The toothbrush lands on the kittens face and because A.H. is open to learning about the hara* and wiggles his toes, the kitten calms down in his hands.

So besides being a goldsmith, I guess I’m what a metaphysical person would label as a “medical empath”…which means I’m empathic and use that awareness to help heal others who want to be healed.

To those who haven’t read about my or other people’s writing on the hara, the hara is a location in the lower abdomen that is considered to be a “control button” for thought and therefore a gateway to longer lasting calm/enlightentment.

I’ve tested the toe-wiggling/hara connection, with many a person including my Japanese ESL students. Since the Japanese language has a consistent consonant pronunciation and our English language doesn’t (e.g. the “p” in “party” vs “phone”), they told me they felt nervous upon ordering Starbucks’ hot chocolate. The “o” in “hot chocolate” has two different pronunciations and the “a” sounds like an “i”. The baristas couldn’t understand them and they felt embarrassed not to mention, still in want for hot chocolate.

I asked the students to wiggle their toes as we discussed how the word “hot chocolate” has 4 real syllables and only 3 “truly pronounced” syllables. We broke down the syllables and recited them frontwards and backwards.

Being empathic, I felt their haras relax (I understand if this seems imperceivable, but the truth is Oneness, we aren’t our minds, we aren’t our bodies…I experienced this first-hand in my 2016 Near Death Experience)

Their pronunciations flowed.

…a palpable calm fell over our circle.

Love, Hbb

P.S. If you’re on a laptop computer, you can access all the hara articles on the right sidebar, and if you’re on a cellphone, you can scroll down. The widget’s called “B.O.S.S.Y. Control of the Hara”…and buy the miniature illustrated guidebook, you’ll find it to improve your everyday life in miraculous ways…

*A.H. is both humble and wise enough to always (be willing) take a deep breath when I ask.  Trust me ladies, this is what you want in a man.

Maui Postcards

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Children’s Miracle Network
Creative Action

A reminder for the holiday season…the last day to place an order for arrival by USPS by December 25th will be Wednesday, December 11th by noon…for expedited delivery, please directly contact me. Otherwise, your after-12/11-order will arrive after Tuesday, January 7th.