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Day 91: Art and Poetry

Paia Beach a few days ago…
Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine
Sketching a tree whilst chatting with friends (with motorcycles) at Paia Bay Coffee and Bar…
I drew this young housemate…she keeps asking for a skateboard (little does she know, one is on the way for her…)
Children’s Miracle Network

Well, it’s past day 90. What this means specifically, I don’t know.

I recently wrote a love letter…

…a love letter to Maui…you see, once upon a time, Portland, OR was my boyfriend and then it was Austin, TX, but I have to say Maui is so culturally-diverse, mild-natured, and relaxed (one bumper sticker reads, “Make poi, not war” and another says, “Relax, this isn’t the Mainland”), that I couldn’t help but be inspired to eke out a poem:

A Pastry Paradise Day

A pastry paradise day of Hawai’i,

Everywhere upwards a blue, cream-puffed sky.

The world unfolds before her with a sunny cloud overhang,

With azure-green mille-feuilled sheets and white-ruffled sand,

And wet trumpeted shouts from surfers and children,

Whose dark heads sprinkle the waves again and again.

The Maui air cleanses her from head-to-toe-to-soul,

On this fish-shaped isle, how God plays to decorate the dough.

The continuation of eke-,ing…although it looks rather civilized…(that’s water, by the way)
Cream-puffed sky and white-ruffled sand…

Artbook #7

Well, I’m figuring out how to create posts with this smartphone which includes coding, uh, “nuances”, so that’s keeping me on my toes…and
…and…AND…it’s which much gladness and relief to announce Artbook #7 is in the artshop!

Artbook #7 features King Protea which is a flower native to Hawaii, along with a few other continents.

And this illustration took place whilst making my name known here as a fitness consultant/athlete (with the help of the gym staff and the royal ohana love, I well-exceeded all session quotas)…and lol, my fitness clients are just starting to know me as an artist/vocalist. This was after proving to them that I was a hella-strong-semi-contortionist/high-roundhouse-kicker/results-oriented-physical-therapist/endurance-athlete and not “some girl who hangs out at the mall”. My clients all laugh when I use the latter phrase, because I suppose this temporary perception of me is what they might truly think and being considered a “girl” at the age of 49 is a first-world-luxury problem.

When people comment on the fact that I’m an athlete, visual artist, vocalist/musician, and business person… I tell them that this combination arose from the sincere desire to live the happiest and healthiest life possible, to show others that it’s possible…and possible to be creative and self-disciplined…and to be sincerely kind and altruistic towards others.

I recently read somewhere that if there were to be any external sources of happiness/motivation in life, they’d be sunshine, proximity to nature, and exercise. To add to that list, I’d say clean water/oxygen, music, friends and co-workers and clients (all who are willing to be both organized and silly) …all of which I have…so thank you to bestower/s of these wonderful things to little ol’ me here on Maui…

…and of course, thank you for the flowers…



P.S. Thank you to my friend Arlan who did all the right things to help me move forward on my way here…and sharing the Maui happiness in the best way possible… I’m grateful…

Artbook #7

6W x 4H Inches

3 Prints/12 Pages

Signed w/Date



Day 84: Being Royal

Baldwin Beach two days ago
I’d always wanted to leave artwork in this Paia Bay Coffee tome…
And so I did this last night…
I glued these prints on to one of the pages (I know, not the best gluing job, but hey perfection is overrated)…
Yummy guava from our front yard…en plus, there’s avocados, breadfruit, oranges, limes, grapefruit, bananas, aloe vera, not to mention gorgeous flowers…in exchange, I’m going to pop some fresh stovetop popcorn for my ohana…
Paia storefront…

This whole royalty thing is manifesting more run-ins with other royalty here on Maui. At Paia Beach, A.K. introduces me to E. (a long-haired Korean-American sound healer from NYC; he says his family found a royal family stamp) and the three of us talk about Korean last names until C. and K. show up. It turns out E. and C. know each other from NYC but didn’t plan on seeing each other here on Maui.

“Hey, do you guys experience synchronicity?” I ask them, after we talk about our past NYC-lives.

“All the time…” they respond.

The next day, I run into K. and C. at Mana Foods and then later again at Paia Bay Coffee where we put some tables together and chat about veganism and flexitarianism. K. asks me about E. (maybe because she thinks and I know him from NYC or because E. might be my long lost third cousin) I tell her about the royal connection and K. says she has some royal lineage and C.’s lineage goes way back. We talk about race, travel, relationships, and later I introduce them to F.

F. shows me how someone illustrated him and how they created cards. We talk about spirituality and where to find ethically-harvested shark teeth for jewelry.

And then I add my artwork to the scrapbook and, on my way out, place coinage into the tip jar of the Brazilian bossanova duo who was crooning all the while in the background.

I walk to the bus stop and wait…and out of nowhere, I hear a shout and feel someone tickle me.

It’s A.K.

“I scared you!” he says.

“Not even…”

I take the seats in the front of the bus so I can put my feet up on the front panel, and he sits in the back, listening to his music. This has become our habit…we now chat at the bus hub…

Back at “the ranch” (I always tell L.K. ‘meet you back at the ranch), A.K. disappears, I grab some guava off the front bushes, cook oatmeal, text, and go to bed.