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Day 103: Maui + East/West Influences

This Helenbobelen is going to write another book…it’s going to be a book about health, wellness, and enlightenment. It’ll be about two major points which she finds herself ceaselessly explaining:

  1. What happens when you die.
  2. The specific body sensation that serve as “indicators” for “enlightenment”…the hara (located in the abdomen) and the heart (but not in the physical heart area).

For those who want to end their life early as an “escape”, the first point would make them change their mind.

For those who want to read any how-to book on how to “understand” their way to enlightenment, the second point would make them change their mind.

For the whole acquisition of getting to achieve the Near Death Experience or to achieve “enlightenment”… I have no prescription, nor would I want to sell if I had the prescription.

Maybe as most spiritual leaders say: Be kind to others…love one another…do unto others…etc.

Yes, do take care of yourself and be kind to others.

Day 100: Artbook #8 and Maui Life…

Artbook #8…one of Paia Bay Coffee and Bar’s botanical beings
B. and M. visiting from Michigan at Paia Bay Coffee and Bar
Artbook #8 with other past artbooks….
Paia Beach a few days ago…
This is a random house…the parcel’s from Austin and there’s a rainbow in the background…thank you A.H….
Maybe around 5:30 this morning… I’m an early riser…up since 4:00… I love the early morning calm…the wandering roosters, hens, and chicks…
An upcoming Parenthood Ergonomics seminar I’m presenting at the gym on Saturday, the 27th…it’ll be just as entertaining as educational…We’ll talk about one of my favorite artists/polymath Leonardo Da Vinci and his Vitruvian Man and how that illustration relates to both pumping iron and caring for your bundle of joy….

At the gym, the guys and I are constantly roasting each other (I don’t follow sports so this joking nicely fills in whatever extra time we find/make)…sometimes, we completely run out of clever things to say so we just blather anything, use incorrect-English-non-sensical jibberish…and throw in a random compliment just to make the ultimate verbal ninja move (yield to overcome…)

Admittedly, I’m usually targeted for my height and over-histrionic display of overconfidence and over-whatever-du-jour…whilst I make fun of them for their (sometimes real — I ain’t gonna lie) fear of spiders and sheep-people attraction/submission to Spam-musubi…

This morning, I arrive in the trainers’ office only to find my magnetic nametags on my filing cabinet drawer upside down.

So, I just shrug, put one nametag on my t-shirt and then put the other nametag upright on my file drawer. And then whistle-walk away to train a client.

When I return, the nametag is upside down again.

No one has stepped forward to confess this strange, but ridiculously harmless gesture.

All the other trainers’ nametags remain untouched on their file drawers. One associate/suspect mentions faux-scoffingly that perhaps the nametag inversion is because I have SO many nametags. I say, “talk to management” who produced the quantity. My response is met with a neutral comment and make-shift-shifty eyes.

I’m sure this is just the beginning of what could become…say, a scavenger-hunt-type of nametag-saga…after all, at work, we all have them, need them, and strangely…identify with them…and we all have extras…

…we just need to find the right metal/mettle…

Mark my words:

…those. guys. will. need. their. energy. drinks…

Go Back To The Music …

90-year-old (talking about his deceased wife with tears in his eyes): I miss her, she was my soulmate…

Me: I can imagine…but I’m sure she’s around…and that she wants you to still live a full life.

He nods.

Me: You had a full life before she died.

Him: No, I didn’t.

Me, incredulous: Yes, you did…you’ve told me WWII stories. And you told me stories about singing and playing music…how you were in such-and-such band, and how one music gig led to another…

He nods again: True.

Me: You have the time, the money, and even more now the physical ability…go back to the music…

Gracie at Paia Bay Coffee And Bar

(He’s now writing songs again — about falling in loving again after a loss…side note: his current, gorgeous, gutsy wife brought him to Hawaii on an ultimatum…and…and…AND…he’s now rehearsing a whole set of songs with his guitar…not to mention, introducing me to the work of past singer/songwriters, showing me his songwriting process and heart’s resilience…)