Category: Nature

Day 31 Hawaii

  • Learns the “shaka”/”hang loose” hand gesture and finds it’s much easier and all-around-user-friendly than the mainland “hand wave ‘hello'”.
  • Explores Haleakala crater with devastatingly-fun/brilliant visitor Arlan.
  • Sings and plays a couple of songs at Maui Coast Hotel in Kihei (thank you to Steve Sargenti).
  • Sings and strums a plethora of songs at Maui Coffee Attic, using their delicious selection of Mele ukuleles (thank you John and co.).
  • Learns the Hawaiian meaning of “chop-suey” to describe the Asian mix of peoples.
  • Illustrates (as fast as she can without thinking) various music scenes (John Self playing guitar in above illustration).
  • Walks…a lot.
  • Somehow convinces the native Hawaiians to make her Spam Musubi…without the Spam.
  • Acquires a new phone (thank you to her music fans) and ukulele (thank you to Goldawn)…
  • She loves Arlan.