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Go Back To The Music …

90-year-old (talking about his deceased wife with tears in his eyes): I miss her, she was my soulmate…

Me: I can imagine…but I’m sure she’s around…and that she wants you to still live a full life.

He nods.

Me: You had a full life before she died.

Him: No, I didn’t.

Me, incredulous: Yes, you did…you’ve told me WWII stories. And you told me stories about singing and playing music…how you were in such-and-such band, and how one music gig led to another…

He nods again: True.

Me: You have the time, the money, and even more now the physical ability…go back to the music…

Gracie at Paia Bay Coffee And Bar

(He’s now writing songs again — about falling in loving again after a loss…side note: his current, gorgeous, gutsy wife brought him to Hawaii on an ultimatum…and…and…AND…he’s now rehearsing a whole set of songs with his guitar…not to mention, introducing me to the work of past singer/songwriters, showing me his songwriting process and heart’s resilience…)

Day 94: Earrings And Such

I realize that a lot of my mornings are now filled with client bantering, essentially this Hbb telling them what to do.

“I’m suffering,” they say, laughing.

“Your form is textbook. Do you have any sharp pain anywhere?” I ask.

“No.” they respond.

“Oh, perfect,” I say, gesturing them to continue.” My job is to always make it a challenge for you here so when you walk out that gym door, everything becomes easier.”

So with much humor, they acquiesce…and improve…become stronger…and start parking away from their usual handicap spots…walking just for the heck of it, and even start holding doors open for other younger gym members…

It’s a good life…

Here are some photos of my other life:

14K Thinnest And Strongest Thin Gold Hoop Earrings in Petite-Medium for A.R.
Hale Mahaolu/Maui Adult Day Care Center; for this month’s upcoming Mahalo Dinner’s Silent Auction
Ditto as the above-est photo
I’ll probably perform here…see you there…

Day 91: Art and Poetry

Paia Beach a few days ago…
Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine
Sketching a tree whilst chatting with friends (with motorcycles) at Paia Bay Coffee and Bar…
I drew this young housemate…she keeps asking for a skateboard (little does she know, one is on the way for her…)
Children’s Miracle Network

Well, it’s past day 90. What this means specifically, I don’t know.

I recently wrote a love letter…

…a love letter to Maui…you see, once upon a time, Portland, OR was my boyfriend and then it was Austin, TX, but I have to say Maui is so culturally-diverse, mild-natured, and relaxed (one bumper sticker reads, “Make poi, not war” and another says, “Relax, this isn’t the Mainland”), that I couldn’t help but be inspired to eke out a poem:

A Pastry Paradise Day

A pastry paradise day of Hawai’i,

Everywhere upwards a blue, cream-puffed sky.

The world unfolds before her with a sunny cloud overhang,

With azure-green mille-feuilled sheets and white-ruffled sand,

And wet trumpeted shouts from surfers and children,

Whose dark heads sprinkle the waves again and again.

The Maui air cleanses her from head-to-toe-to-soul,

On this fish-shaped isle, how God plays to decorate the dough.

The continuation of eke-,ing…although it looks rather civilized…(that’s water, by the way)
Cream-puffed sky and white-ruffled sand…