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The Sublime Or The Useful






2.5W x 1.75H Inches


“I love your thin gold hoop earrings! What else do you make?” clients ask me.

I’m not sure how to answer. In the past, I design a picture book, handbags, necklaces, clothing, belts, scarves, a platform bed, wallets, keychain fobs, websites, greeting cards, English grammar books, grocery lists, and weightlifting programs.

In my dreams, I design oak trees, mercury moons, snail shells, ocean waves, dog ears, spaceships, log cabins, and geese’s goosebumps.

When I create, my goal is either the sublime and/or the useful, including golden birds.


*July sales from this shop benefit The Red Cross


Solar, Crystal, Botanical One

Hummingbird 11


“Hummingbird 11”
7W x 5H Inches
Watercolor, Acrylic, Archival Ink, Mechanical Pencil, Chocolate Gold Paper


Fly free, all of you beauties…



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Solar, Crystal, Botanical One