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Universal Health Care Ideas

1) Bike and walking paths along all major roads…(can be subsidised by profitable automated kiosks/cashiers/vehicles…anything automated to replace human employment)…connecting towns and neighborhoods. Drinking fountains and bathroom facilities would be prudent additions for our future generations since our bodies are at least 65 percent water…

2) Tax incentives for companies to create organic plant-based multivitamins which are widely available and at no cost to the public.

3) Tax incentives for companies to create organic cotton-based feminine hygiene products which are widely available and at no cost to the nation’s future child-bearers.

4) Free bicycles and bicycle-repair education.

5) Copiers/printers with plant-based white ink and kraft paper reams for offices, schools, and institutions.

6) Emissions ratings for all massed produced cleaners, detergents, cosmetics, and personal products.

7) Emissions ratings for all consumable products.

Day 142: Makawao, Kahului, and Paia… Artbooks #11 and #12

Paia Bay Coffee
Looking up on Paia Beach
Artbook #11: Ukulele

Artbook #11


One-of-a-kind Booklet

3 Prints/12 pages


Bus into Kahului
Artbook #12: “Abby”

Artbook #12


6W x 4H Inches

3 Prints/12 Pages


Hawaii Community Foundation
On the way to Iao Valley
Leilani Farm Sanctuary
Paia Beach

Day 137: Hana and Kahului

Hana with A.R.
A young boy who kept staring at me so I drew him and became friends with his family…(see his sister’s illustrations below)
Magnesium Bracelet for J.A.
On the way to Hana with A.H.
A.K. the wonder watchdog.
Iao Valley
Iao Valley
Illustrations by a young girl…
Sterling Silver Thinnest And Strongest Thin Hoop Earrings in Extra Dainty for A.R.
Artbook #11
Paia Bay Coffee Performer