Red Bird 1

Approx. 5H x 3.5W Inches

Bleach-free/recycled paper, Red Sharpie and White Pen, with Handcut “Matte” from found Kodak materials (5 x 3.5 Frame not included)

To be raffled off to purchasers (and you can also enter by emailing your email address, mentioning this raffle) between today 2/4 and 2/10 for a very meaningful Valentine’s Day gift for a loved one of for their lovely self.

Lately, I’ve been creating a lot of red birds as well as giving psychic readings to people…today, I just learned that red birds signify loved ones who have transitioned and communicate that they’re still around but in different form, watching over you as angels, helping to guide you towards better life choices.

It was never my intention to create red birds, although cardinals have appeared shortly after a beloved pet has passed away, some as much as 18 cardinals in a single tree where the pet would stop and sniff on every walk.

I have a love for all things birdy and they’re very tame (naturally, I regularly feed them).

Chickens roam the Mauian streets…a while back, the Makawao Chicken Ranch liberated all its captives due to a hurricane and ever since, they crow at the rising sun, propagate, and with their loose haras, bring a higher vibration to the entire island. (Btw, both the chickens and their eggs are inedible…a lot, a lot, a lot of muscle…)

You can see from the earrings packaging from past posts below that my soul is on a red bird kick…red crested cardinals, red sparrows, red hummingbirds, etc…all original artwork inspired by the sighted Maui birds…I guess to remind us that we’re more than just physical beings, that we have souls that continue on beyond this lifetime and our behaviors would reflect those infinite values.


From now until Valentine’s Day, for every purchase, a pair of Sterling Silver Thinnest And Strongest Thin Hoop Earrings in Dainty will be donated to a charity benefitting children, animals, or the environment.