A couple of times, people have asked me, as I’m about to sing “What A Wonderful World”…”Is it? Is it a wonderful world?” And I think to myself…

….well, back to autumn 2016, when I had my Near Death Experience. My soul (the true “I”) left my body, the ceiling quickly approached, and ALL SOUND faded away. Because of the weird difference in sound, I knew I had left my body. Also, with “the rising up” and transition of sound, there became this cocoon of resentment-free-ness that enveloped my “new” (what I call “eternal”) body.

So folks, what is so wonderful about this world is that we have unique-sounding voices. (Each set of vocal chords are as unique as a fingerprint.)

And listen closely, folks, we have MUSIC. To my studied knowledge, there isn’t sound, nor music, in Heaven.

How else can we make Heaven on Earth? Become resentment-free. Breathe. Meditate. Do Yoga. Eat nutrient-dense. Go to nature. Pray to be able to forgive or say forgiveness mantras (they are the same).

Do music: listen, dance to, played in, or create music…better yet, resentment-free music. You’ve already probably heard about the science experiments with different type of music and their influences on plants and water molecules…

There’s also a specific yoga called Nad or Nada Yoga, which, after comparing a lot of Near Death Experience stories, has helped people peacefully transition to the afterlife. (I’ve incorporated a little bit of Nad Yoga into my mini-booklet “B.O.S.S.Y. Control of the Hara”, link: https://helenbobelen.com/b-o-s-s-y-control-of-the-hara-book/ as a behavioral-cognitive tool to find more presence which leads to resentment-free-ness.)

Also, please understand, if there isn’t any sound, then there isn’t any language…and if there isn’t any language, then there isn’t any religious doctrine… there’s only one Creator.

To choose your worship place, your tribe, your “family”, your life partner and his/her tribe, ask yourself, is it/he/she resentment-free? Is there a willingness to become resentment-free? Is there an appreciation for music?

The reason I love Hawaii so is because of the indigenous prayer of Ho’oponono (which I incorporated into a picturbook Suriso, available free on YouTube. Link: https://youtu.be/5gr1Tsa0x7Q ) It’s about remaining conflict-free, staying well and contented. With relatively-intertwined- belief-systems, Hawaii’s known to have a high vibration, and it’s palpable in it’s indigenous rare reverence for people, for nature, for life.

You, by remembering to breathe, to trust the inner compassion that arises thereafter, to trust life’s unfolding because you know you are as royal as everyone else, you will appreciate the similiarities and differences between Heaven and Earth and that Heaven’s wonderfulness IS here on Earth, through music.

Folks, find your crowns…you are all enough.