1) Breathe by expanding and contracting the ribcage, keeping the shoulders down.

For those who already in alignment, the beach and beach sand is a great place to practice these techniques…

2) In movement, in concerns with the spine, make it a habit to bend the body from the waist (not from L2, L3, L4, etc…)

3) Of course, use your thigh muscles to take the weight while lifting anything anything heavier than a wallet (this means bending and straightening the knees).

4) While walking, ideally keep your hips, knees, and ankles in alignment. This means one could draw a straight line from the middle of your ankles to the middle of your knee cap and to the middle of your thighs…the line is tortion-free. (If it is not — upon availability– you may consult with me to stay surgery-free, in any case, seek help for yourself…)

5) As you walk, press the middle of the heel on the ground and then roll foot forward with most of the weight landing on the big toe.

6) As you walk, keep yourself upright by breathing from the ribcage…expanding and contracting the intercostal muscles. Doing the latter will automatically “upright” the spine and body. (You can further “upright” yourself by bringing your feet together and “exaggerating” your hip swing while walking.)

7) Swing your arms, alternate feet stepping all the while. Your hands should be facing the body for proper joint movement and balance. You can improve your balance while you walk by alternating one eye open…practice walking by doing all the above steps and keeping one eye open at a time. (Your peripheral vision is used to look across the horizon and at the same time looking down at the ground in front of your feet). You may even cue yourself by saying, “Heel, big toe; Heel, big toe; Breathe from ribcage” repeatedly as you walk.

For more cognitive ideas for staying present with your body and mind/healing, you can purchase my mini-booklet “B.O.S.S.Y. Control of the Hara.”

This Helenbobelen is singer/songwriter that knows herself so well that she’s also a movement specialist and goldsmith. As a certified fitness consultant for over twenty years she’s helped many people (and herself) be/become surgery-free and turn back the clock. She’s Kriya Yoga-initiated and has taught music and movement at community centers, museums, gyms, private gyms, and spiritual centers around the world. Helen is a whole-foods pegan, not to mention a drug-free tee-totaler, who thinks dancing should be legalized.

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Disclaimer for Helenbobelen.com Blog:

Of course, if you’re less-than-healthy, you should seek medical attention from a qualified doctor. Eastern-based wellness/meditation/movement or weight training may or may not be accepted by Western medicine as a means of diagnosis or treatment, but can be a helpful adjunct to medical care. You should, however, have a physical examination before embarking on any new exercise program.


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