18K Thinnest And Strongest Thin Gold Hoop Earrings in “Petite-Medium” for S.A.
Maui Arts and Cultural Center
Paia Bay…cup selected by T.D.
Earrings and custom doodles for S.A.

Maui feels like home to me. Certain corners, the land, the herds of midnight cats, and early morning chickens.

Wai means water in Hawaiian. Waiwai means wealth. Wai is also part of Hawaii’s name.

In my work, I’m conscious of what I put into the water…which is why, ultimately, I’m a vocalist/musician.

I agree with the ancient Hawaiians that the Earth is its own conscious entity…and I fully know that that concept to the logical human mind seems a little cray-cray, but we’re all entitled to our experiential interpretations.

For various reasons, as a personal policy, I’m going to carry my phone and tablet at only specific times of the day. Therefore, the best way to reach me is email.

I love you all.