Hope Gallery…now being relocated…
Quote about humans and animals…
Austin, TX
Koi pond at Cosmic Coffee
Not a Maui hen, but an Austin hen…
I asked A.H. if Cosmic Coffee served chicken sandwiches or fish burgers…

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
Children’s Miracle Network
Nature Conservancy

Okay, so this Helenbobelen’s back on the mainland…perhaps for the love of things that start with an “A”…A.H., Austin, art, and animals.

Being back in Austin is a wonderful experiment…seeing how my 149 days on Maui could give me a greater perspective on my new, yet familiar life here.

Sounds weird, but I feel like a different person. And when I look in the mirror, I even see a different person…I barely recognize myself. Maybe it’s the tan or the fact that I’ve been eating clean for so long, or that I’m feeling a palpable gratitude for everything that crosses my path.

During my 149 Maui days, I did manage to be the owner of 5 cellphones. So, it’s probable that I may or may not have your contact information.

No doubt you remain an avid reader/supporter/purchaser of this website and I’m most grateful.

Slowly, I’m culling bits and pieces of personal experiences that are connected with the inner awareness of something the Japanese call “the hara”. It seems to be a topic that a lot of healers have been asking me about, so I will use this blog to post various anecdotes/descriptions/quotes about this matter.

I think I might also do some workshops on how to locate/relax “the hara” which results in cessation of rumination, along with bursts of energy.

What do you think?

…about controlling think?