90-year-old (talking about his deceased wife with tears in his eyes): I miss her, she was my soulmate…

Me: I can imagine…but I’m sure she’s around…and that she wants you to still live a full life.

He nods.

Me: You had a full life before she died.

Him: No, I didn’t.

Me, incredulous: Yes, you did…you’ve told me WWII stories. And you told me stories about singing and playing music…how you were in such-and-such band, and how one music gig led to another…

He nods again: True.

Me: You have the time, the money, and even more now the physical ability…go back to the music…

Gracie at Paia Bay Coffee And Bar

(He’s now writing songs again — about falling in loving again after a loss…side note: his current, gorgeous, gutsy wife brought him to Hawaii on an ultimatum…and…and…AND…he’s now rehearsing a whole set of songs with his guitar…not to mention, introducing me to the work of past singer/songwriters, showing me his songwriting process and heart’s resilience…)