Baldwin Beach two days ago
I’d always wanted to leave artwork in this Paia Bay Coffee tome…
And so I did this last night…
I glued these prints on to one of the pages (I know, not the best gluing job, but hey perfection is overrated)…
Yummy guava from our front yard…en plus, there’s avocados, breadfruit, oranges, limes, grapefruit, bananas, aloe vera, not to mention gorgeous flowers…in exchange, I’m going to pop some fresh stovetop popcorn for my ohana…
Paia storefront…
Frank. He’s lived here for 40 years, provides fresh flowers for Paia Bay Coffee and Cafe Des Amis, has given island tours to Presidents, is also a goldsmith, had a 20-ish year old cat pass away last year, and has had an NDE…we talk about the Knights Templar, France, Hawaii history, goldsmithing, our deceased loved ones, charity, and yes, cats…he’s my Maui insider connection and a dear friend to many on this island.
Kiki and Craig who I keep running into and we spent the afternoon chatting at Paia Bay Cafe… Craig knows Eugene (also of Korean royalty lineage…Eugene and I talked about the Suhs and the Byuns which are both rare — and royal — Korean names) who was introduced to me via Auka…you can learn more about Kiki and Craig on YT “living for a living” and IG @kikiandcraig

This whole royalty thing is manifesting more run-ins with other royalty here on Maui. At Paia Beach, Auka introduces me to Eugene (a long-haired Korean-American sound healer from NYC; he says his family found a royal family stamp) and the three of us talk about Korean last names until Craig and Kiki show up. It turns out Eugene and Craig know each other from NYC but didn’t plan on seeing each other here on Maui.

“Hey, do you guys experience synchronicity?” I ask them, after we talk about our past NYC-lives.

“All the time…” they respond.

The next day, I run into Kiki and Craig at Mana Foods and then later again at Paia Bay Coffee where we put some tables together and chat about veganism and flexitarianism. Kiki asks me about Eugene (maybe because she thinks and I know him from NYC or because Eugene might be my long lost third cousin) I tell her about the royal connection and Kiki says she has some royal lineage and Craig’s lineage goes way back. We talk about race, travel, relationships, and later I introduce them to Frank.

Frank shows me how someone illustrated him and how they created cards. We talk about spirituality and where to find ethically-harvested shark teeth for jewelry.

And then I add my artwork to the scrapbook and, on my way out, place coinage into the tip jar of the Brazilian bossanova duo who was crooning all the while in the background.

I walk to the bus stop and wait…and out of nowhere, I hear a shout and feel someone tickle me.

It’s Auka.

“I scared you!” he says.

“Not even…”

I take the seats in the front of the bus so I can put my feet up on the front panel, and he sits in the back, listening to his music. This has become our habit…we now chat at the bus hub…

Back at “the ranch” (I always tell Lisa, ‘meet you back at the ranch), Auka disappears, I grab some guava off the front bushes, cook oatmeal, text, and go to bed.