Well, I’m figuring out how to create posts with this smartphone which includes coding, uh, “nuances”, so that’s keeping me on my toes…and
…and…AND…it’s which much gladness and relief to announce Artbook #7 is in the artshop!

Artbook #7 features King Protea which is a flower native to Hawaii, along with a few other continents.

And this illustration took place whilst making my name known here as a fitness consultant/athlete (with the help of the gym staff and the royal ohana love, I well-exceeded all session quotas)…and lol, my fitness clients are just starting to know me as an artist/vocalist. This was after proving to them that I was a hella-strong-semi-contortionist/high-roundhouse-kicker/results-oriented-physical-therapist/endurance-athlete and not “some girl who hangs out at the mall”. My clients all laugh when I use the latter phrase, because I suppose this temporary perception of me is what they might truly think and being considered a “girl” at the age of 49 is a first-world-luxury problem.

When people comment on the fact that I’m an athlete, visual artist, vocalist/musician, and business person… I tell them that this combination arose from the sincere desire to live the happiest and healthiest life possible, to show others that it’s possible…and possible to be creative and self-disciplined…and to be sincerely kind and altruistic towards others.

I recently read somewhere that if there were to be any external sources of happiness/motivation in life, they’d be sunshine, proximity to nature, and exercise. To add to that list, I’d say clean water/oxygen, music, friends and co-workers and clients (all who are willing to be both organized and silly) …all of which I have…so thank you to bestower/s of these wonderful things to little ol’ me here on Maui…

…and of course, thank you for the flowers…



P.S. Thank you to my friend Arlan who did all the right things to help me move forward on my way here…and sharing the Maui happiness in the best way possible… I’m grateful…

Artbook #7

6W x 4H Inches

3 Prints/12 Pages

Signed w/Date