Paia Beach a few days ago…
Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine
Sketching a tree whilst chatting with friends (with motorcycles) at Paia Bay Coffee and Bar…
I drew this young housemate…she keeps asking for a skateboard (little does she know, one is on the way for her…)
Children’s Miracle Network

Well, it’s past day 90. What this means specifically, I don’t know.

I recently wrote a love letter…

…a love letter to Maui…you see, once upon a time, Portland, OR was my boyfriend and then it was Austin, TX, but I have to say Maui is so culturally-diverse, mild-natured, and relaxed (one bumper sticker reads, “Make poi, not war” and another says, “Relax, this isn’t the Mainland”), that I couldn’t help but be inspired to eke out a poem:

A Pastry Paradise Day

A pastry paradise day of Hawai’i,

Everywhere upwards a blue, cream-puffed sky.

The world unfolds before her with a sunny cloud overhang,

With azure-green mille-feuilled sheets and white-ruffled sand,

And wet trumpeted shouts from surfers and children,

Whose dark heads sprinkle the waves again and again.

The Maui air cleanses her from head-to-toe-to-soul,

On this fish-shaped isle, how God plays to decorate the dough.

The continuation of eke-,ing…although it looks rather civilized…(that’s water, by the way)
Cream-puffed sky and white-ruffled sand…