Paia Beach yesterday
Artbooks 6 (and a glimpse of Artbook 7) and H.M. Suh Lee’s/’s Sterling Silver Thinnest And Strongest Thin Hoop Earrings in Grand
Friends of the Childrens Justice Center because who doesn’t love children or justice for that matter… in my lifetime, I’ve seen justice and karma prevail time and time again…
Another Paia Bay Photo…is it possible that each wave is different and one-of-a-kind? Like snowflakes? Like this Hbb’s artbooks? Like you? And yet all the waters are one.

So, as you know, I lost my beloved flip phone next to Hana Highway and now I have a smartphone that takes, uh, much better photos. So, you’ll see more Thinnest And Strongest Thin Hoop Earrings (and art) photos. And you might hear from me less often on the telephono because of all of the above (not to mention that I’m training two 80-ish year olds for VIP athletic events — Senior Olympics! –and two handfuls of other smart, funny, and pioneering people on challenging but essential muscle maneuvers such as scapular retraction…yes, I’m a total gym nerd…).

Music is still much a part of my life. Yesterday, I met Leonardo from Mexico at a bus stop and we exchanged songs and views on things like reggaeton and cumbia (we both preferred that latter as the former probably derives from the latter).

“You do all the good things and I’m offering you the bad things…” said Leonardo as I turn down his offer to get beers and other such.

I just shrug…I already have plans and those closest to me know that my life is packed with art/music/movement/charity activity or just lounging on the beach…so much so that I don’t sleep very much. I don’t tell him that I once died and that each day means an opportunity to do things I love to do, to be with other people who value their own lives, people who take care of themselves, and desire to inspire other people.

(I also omit the part where I have a royal family middle name…that’s just between you and I…)

Anyhoo, I’m off to do, you know, stuff…and things…and more stuff…and meditate. My taxes have been filed and paid. I’ve died, too…so I walk courageously into my day and hangout in the Maui sunlight…



P.S. From now until April 30th, for every purchase, an Artbook or pair of Dainty Sterling Silver Thinnest And Strongest Thin Hoop will be donated to a 501c3.