A very recent (tonight) conversation between the photographer Dan “Ro” and myself:

Me (eating peanut butter): Uh, you didn’t double dip this peanut butter, did you?

Dan: What is double dip?

Me: Come on, you know what it is…

Dan: H@ll, yeah!

Me: Nooooooooooooooo!


Anyway, this afternoon, I take the bus to Makawao and hang out at Akua’s and borrow Dan’s computer and come across these photos of which he was supposed to edit and send to me because, well, I have this flip phone. I ask Dan if it’s okay, if I just pick the ones that I want and post them to this blog and he says “sure”, along with offering me the afore- mentioned peanut butter and walks away…

Needless to say, I couldn’t finish the peanut butter.

(But I finished this blog post about our trip to Hana.)

“Hey, Helen…”

“Yes, Dan?”

“Lisa made this berry jam…it looks good.”

“Wow, that smells great…” I pause and think. “Wait a minute, did you double dip that too?”

“Yes.” (I can’t tell you the rest of what he said…it’s not acceptable for this sacred space.)

“That’s TMI…and if you continue, I’m going back to Austin.”

(Now repeat the above conversation/dialogue with at least 3 more condiments…)

I just turn up the music for “J” — another visitor/guest and myself (I think J was kind enough to clean the peanut butter dishes)…(“J” says he likes the music I play off the internet…)

BTW, Never again will I look at Dan’s refrigerator’s condiments in the same way…

but I’m grateful for the above photos…