The royal Hawaiian family originated from the Maui Island area called Hana where waterfalls, magical natural pools, and two of the most beautiful Hawaiian beaches reside.

I was fortunate enough to meet A.K. and his family and be shown around the taro patches where he worked as a child, the home walls where his artist grandfather carved forms, and to see a large portion of the island through a Native Hawaiian’s eyes. A.K., D. and I are pretty service-oriented so this means that when we’re in the parks we allow the other touring parties to go in front of us, or even spotting them among the rocks…and naturally, I’ll sing and play a few tunes on the ukulele.

Tomorrow’s my 49th birthday and I’m glad I’m getting back into acrobatics/gymnastics, and doing loose pique turns across an empty yoga studio…this along with backbends and such…motions that I’m regaining from my pre-nde times…more than ever I value my ability to go here and go there.

I’m grateful.