The Deeper Meaning of C19…

Having had various spiritual and Earthly experiences, I feel rather reluctant and yet obligated to lend my unique (and maybe not so unique) perspective on the C19 situation.

First of all, the name of the situation is too varied, too glorified, and too mighty. For this article’s purposes, I’m just going to call it “C19”.

In the greater scheme of things, I think some spiritual leaders such as Eckhart Tolle, would call C19 as part of the collective painbody. Perhaps, Louise Hay would’ve grouped it as part of all the other dis-ease(s) that come from the human mind inability to surrender to Life’s changes that evolve us into more compassionate, and yes, SIMPLER beings.

The evolution of humans, in my opinion is directed towards becoming calmer, and experiencing life while practicing meditation…and finding better ways to coexist with each other and this alive-entity we call Earth.

But what if we run out of toilet paper? What if we run out of masks?

My answer to this is, well, how long have we as a human species used toilet paper and masks?

For those who read the Bible, how many times does it mention either toilet paper, or masks?

It certainly mentions death, but it also mentions eternal life.


So here’s my truth, as someone who died for a little while in 2016…October 20th/21st…

Once I died…


This is no offense to anyone living on the Earth right now, in fact, perhaps it’s complimentary to everyone alive: I GOT MY EARTHLY FILL…

Or so I thought at the time if my death because it death felt so AMAZING…

Now put this into context for everyone who has died and is going to die from C19.

Mourn not for them, mourn for YOUR loss of them, of course, but do not mourn for them…they get euphoric bliss as their true selves…as souls…and did not want to come back…and at least not in the same body.

I told A.H. this past week, “I’m going to live healthy as long as I want to and I’m not coming back after this lifetime. You can come back, but I won’t”.

Then, I paused and said, “Well, I’d come back if it meant that my only purpose was to serve everyone.”

And then it occured to me that’s why I came back in this life time, to come back even though I died, and to still be writing these articles that may or may not be read or even noticed…to impart my unique human interpretation of how to lightly walk the Earth and stay integrated with the best parts of human society…for a sustainable future for all…

Love unconditional,


P.S. Once everyone integrated C19 into their reality/daily routines, their perspectives will be sharper, and see that those who did pass from C19 are right by their side etherically as angels…they coax you into a change of your habitual thinking patterns which lead to a simpler, more sustainable lives…

P.S.S. If you are more scientific than spiritual, even better, I encourage you to look at all of the Earth’s cultures and see if they all use toilet paper or if masks were entirely necessary for immunity. Words like “bidet” or “use your left hand for the bathroom and right hand for eating” or “use leaves on the Pacific Crest Trail” come to mind…when you shower, to clean your God-given body, you don’t bring toilet paper with you…and you’re still clean….and when you’re a child, you are to busy playing to even care about eating…they intermittent fast effortlessly…they also respond to healing and have strong immunity systems without masks…

On My Way Back To Texas

Paia Beach closing-free…
San Jose Airport with painted Red Crown Crane windows…
San Jose Airport windows opposite of the painted Red Crown Cranes windows…


Over the last two years, I’ve become known more as a healer/channel/medical empath…even moreso than a goldsmith and singer.

I’ve taught a lot of people how to walk again and to become pain-free. And yes, to help certain people release viruses.

I’ve also done channeling for deceased ancestors.

Recently, I helped a woman in the parking lot with her alignment and walking. She asked me, “Do you work with God?”

And I replied, “The only real healer IS God.”



Carrots in my tummy….
Kapuna/Healer Guide Aunty Pua (she transitioned February 13, 2018)