I’m a classically-trained vocalist and pianist. I studied piano since I was 7, at the age of 8 won a talent show award for singing and playing the piano, and in my teenage years sang in church choirs and went onto state piano competitions and won awards.

After graduating from University of Iowa and studying writing at Northwestern University in Chicago, I began my vocal training, studying in the Windy City under a jazz vocalist and later in NY, studied voice and public performance at celebrity-studded Cari Cole Voice Studios, as well as the late Teri Merliss, along with jazz vocalist Michelle Carr and French mezzo-soprano opera singer Maria Todaro.

I’ve had the pleasure of performing solo in front of hundreds of people on various continents (South America, Europe, Asia), was invited to have a private NYC showcase, as well as taught/teach voice and public performance to children of all ages.

My current instrument of choice is the ukulele due to its portability and unexplored possibilities of expression. The below recorded video and sound clips are untouched/unedited.

Thank you for stopping by!


Comforting! — N. Burson

So lovely! — C. Wang

Your voice sounds beautiful on the recording — very earthy. — N. Baack