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Day 31 Hawaii

  • Learns the “shaka”/”hang loose” hand gesture and finds it’s much easier and all-around-user-friendly than the mainland “hand wave ‘hello'”.
  • Explores Haleakala crater with devastatingly-fun/brilliant visitor Arlan.
  • Sings and plays a couple of songs at Maui Coast Hotel in Kihei (thank you to Steve Sargenti).
  • Sings and strums a plethora of songs at Maui Coffee Attic, using their delicious selection of Mele ukuleles (thank you John and co.).
  • Learns the Hawaiian meaning of “chop-suey” to describe the Asian mix of peoples.
  • Illustrates (as fast as she can without thinking) various music scenes (John Self playing guitar in above illustration).
  • Walks…a lot.
  • Somehow convinces the native Hawaiians to make her Spam Musubi…without the Spam.
  • Acquires a new phone (thank you to her music fans) and ukulele (thank you to Goldawn)…

Day 20 Hawaii

Some recent highlights:

On a night beach, running into many giant turtles the size of tires.
Coconut hunting with an ex-marine sniper.
Vegan pho and music at Temple of Peace.
An Austinite friend visits.
Jungle napping.
Unplanned McDonald’s-busking while sipping coffee to Canadians who happen to love Louis Armstrong.

Day 15 Hawaii

Well, it’s Day 15 of my time in Maui.

Things I’ve done so far:

Designed an earrings series called “Maui Love”…to be soon featured in the Jewelry Shop.

Created client earrings on the beaches here.

Created earrings for 501c3s such as Malama Maui Nui and Paia Youth and Cultural Center.

Learned the lay of Maui’s land…Haiku, Paia, Wailuku, Wailea, Kihea, Haleakala, etc. By car, bus, foot and semi-skateboard (yes, I’m teaching myself how to skateboard.)

Met a lot of vacationing French-Canadiens…and a medicine man who said I should do/charge more for my healing work.

Played/performed twice at Charley’s.

Spent quality time with two native Hawaiians.

Visited and fell in love with various beaches.

Camped in the Maui crater known as Haleakala.

And yes, now I’m without a phone…so to everyone who was waiting for a text or phone call back from me, now you know. As usual, I’m best reached by email.

Love and Mahalo,