Yesterday, I was at an elementary school gymnasium with not just one, but two pianos…and I couldn’t resist but lift off the cover of one and play some chords…and of course some heads turned and I immediately acted like it hadn’t been me.

There was the brief exchange of knowing smiles.

It’s a far cry from when I was a young girl forced to play the piano and I (gasp) would kick the piano’s out of frustration. I didn’t do it very often, maybe once or twice…but I do remember doing it and feeling weird since I’m usually a good tender of my belongings…

(So sorry to you piano…)

(I also remember playing other people’s/place’s pianos and feeling like I’d been betrayed by the subtle differences in the keys’ pressings and the varying brightnesses sounds…if too bright, I felt the instrument less than sincere…those Baldwins were soooo loud and bright…)

Alas, the piano (and other people’s/places’ pianos) became much like a trusted horse. After doing the work of practicing and memorizing there was something like a wave that would fill me and make me feel as if I were no longer the player…which also felt a bit disconcerting because then, what kind of control did I have? Eight-eight keys…that’s a lot for a young girl to manage…and yet the playing expressed itself as needed through a weirdly-swaying body. Believe me, all that swaying perplexed me, too.

Today, being often away from pianos, I don’t have much memorized on the piano…in the past, my favorite books were mysteriously and sadly disposed of (I’m over the injustice of it all…)…and new piano books quickly become friends as that muse inside me picks apart the melody and the most necessary notes to create the right crescendos and diminuendos…Whenever I play and play and sing, the feedback I get is gratitude-filled and for that I’m grateful.

So instead of a wood upright piano or a black lacquered Steinway grand that I grew up around and stood away (an invisible barbed-wire fence grew there for this girl), I have this little ukulele…which is my very own, well-portable and traveled companion. It fits right into my Life’s perpetual minimalistic DIY tree. It’s my “piano”…and lets my voice — as one listener put it recently — be the melody which is what people care about most when it comes to a voice/instrument combination.

I’ve already posted this song several times on my YT channel…and I’ve de-posted it myself after however amount of likes. Here’s a most recent take — recorded on my cellphone…in my studio…er, art studio…and gallery…

Since this song is in French, I suppose it doesn’t count towards the song-share (see “What A Wonderful World” video)…consider it just another adventure in my life as an Earth-friendly charitable artist…enjoy!


P.S. Now you know what I do outside of performing music in public…this is what I’ve been doing for a long while as I create hoop earrings/jewelry in my studio…