This semester, my young’un art students no longer wait for a recycle bin at their school (we waited and waited and waited…no recycle bin…)…they now just simply re-use paper from the “scrap bin”. Consistently, this Helenbobelen has been modeling various art projects using “recycled” paper and often times in a jokey/ironic way, depending on the paper’s written content…(yes, I’m giving this Helenbobelen a proverbial pat on the back…)

But in general, getting this to Earth-friendly art to happen is a shared joyeous victory and now these kiddos can see how beautiful the random colored scraps can look.

This morning, I came across Kirsten Dirksen’s video of Thomas Dambo who, along with Elon Musk, show that it’s indeed cool for men to recycle and care about our children’s future Earth.

It takes energy to recycle. It takes energy to care…and truly create.