When I graduated from university with a film degree, I had heard so many stories about Hollywood that instead of heading out to L.A., I went to intern at an NBC news affiliate in St. Louis — KSDK.

What I learned from that experience was that I just wanted to be an artist whether that was writing, painting, or music. I wanted to feel clean on the inside and stay that way…

To pursue this dream and do it in the manner of which felt right to my soul — and which felt truthful in a world of illusion¬†— has been the largest challenge to my life, for people who are not happy will do their best to squeeze out the happy from you.

Keep those people at a distance. Love them from a distance.

Little do these people know the truth, that IF they try to do the latter, they only squeeze themselves…we are ONE. Our souls are ONE.

I love these types of people from a distance…for they don’t know truth…they don’t know their souls…they don’t know they have them…otherwise they wouldn’t do what they’re doing…they wouldn’t be thinking what they’re thinking…they wouldn’t be saying/behaving in such a way that keeps their minds up at night.

Thank goodness, I’m an artist…that I’ve found my own spiritual refuge. Thank goodness, I work as an artisan…and I can work as an artisan for the rest of my life, if I so choose.

I’m my own refuge.

I wish the same for your daughter.

Thank you Oprah for being who you are, for being an inspiration to me since I was a teenager…you are beautiful inside and out.

Beauty is as beauty does.

We do our best…


When people show you who they are, believe them for the first time…
— Maya Angelou

Do the stuff you love. Do the work that comes from the soul of you. Align your personality with what your soul came to do…
— Oprah Winfrey